Where is the place of the people of the cave located in Jordan?

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Cave owners

The owners of the cave were mentioned in the Holy Qur’an with a complete surah that touched on the details of their story with their people who lost the way of truth, and took the cave as their headquarters. Worship of God Almighty and believing in idolatry, and fled their religion and faith fleeing to the cave, and at that time the believing community or whoever converted to a religion other than paganism was subjected to persecution.

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The accounts differed about the location of the cave of the people of the cave, and they differed about its presence in Turkey, Syria or Yemen, but most of the indications and references definitely indicate his presence in Jordan, and it was revealed in 1963 by the archaeologist Rafik Wafa Al-Dajani, and was located in the village of Rajeeb, Which is about seven kilometers from the capital, Amman, to the southeastern side, which is closer to the Abu Alanda region, and away from the latter about one and a half kilometers to the eastern side of it.

Evidence of his presence in Jordan

  • The similarity of what was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an for the name “Raqeem” coincides with the old name for the village of Al-Rajeeb in Jordan, which is also Raqeem.
  • The number of graves in the cave coincided with a number of cave owners mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, and what was more confirmed is the presence of a dog’s skull, which was guarded over them at that time, and their number was seven and eighth were their dog, and the dog was buried near the cave door given For the duty of guarding them, but the eighth grave was not known to whom, the Almighty said in the twenty-second verse of Surat Al-Kahf: “(They will say three fourth of their dog and say five will be their dog stoned by the unseen and say seven and their eighth is their dog. In them, but apparently mirrors and do not stop anyone from them. .
  • The Jordanian government was able to find the remains of an ancient building that was built in the past over the cave, and this is a third evidence of its existence in this place, in the Almighty saying: “So they said build upon them by building their Lord knows best of them,” he said those who overcame their matter to take a mosque for them.

The graves of the people of the cave

Jordanian archaeologists found eight graves in the cave, so four of them were built with rock, and they are located in a cellar located to the right inside of the cave, and the other four graves are located to the opposite side on the left side of the cave, and in the area between the left and right sides Bones of a dog’s skull were found, the rest of which is the dog’s jaw, and one canine along with four molars.


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