Where is the port of Ras Tanura located?

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Ras Al Tannoura port

It is a vital oil port located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, north-east of the city of Qatif. The port of Ras Tanura is the largest port in the world for shipping oil. About 90% of exports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are shipped from crude oil and products. The other iterator, and in 1933 the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to explore for oil between it and the company “Samand Oil F” in California, and by this agreement the company was given the privilege of oil exploration, and the full right to explore for oil in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And in the region of Ras A Skirt.

After the discovery of several oil wells in the Ras Al-Tannurah region in the east of the Kingdom, the government started building Ras Al-Tannoura on the Arabian Gulf coast, and the construction of the port was completed in 1939, where it was ready to receive tankers and ships of oil for the export of oil. Crude oil from the port in the same year, attended by King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman, King of Saudi Arabia at the time.

The Ras Al Tannurah region is about 70 km from the city of Dammam, the administrative capital in the east of the Kingdom, and its area is approximately 290 square km, and its population is 60 thousand people, according to statistics in 2010. The Ras Tannurah region is distinguished by its having the largest global oil refineries, in addition to To two oil ports and a gas plant and a sulfur plant, in addition to the first steam power station in the Middle East.

Port port parts of Tannoura

Ras Tannoura Port consists of two main berths that extend over the waters of the Arabian Gulf, in addition to an industrial island, and these berths are:

North Berth

The length of the northern berth is around (670) meters and the width of (33) meters. It is connected to the beach through a bridge with a length of approximately (1097) meters. The northern berth of the port consists of six berths, and the water depth ranges between (12.8 – 15.2) meters When the islands occur.

The southern berth for the port

Its length is approximately (366) meters and a width of about (32) meters. The southern berth is connected to a bridge with a length of approximately (700) meters. It consists of four berths in order to receive ships and carriers, where its cargo reaches approximately (30,000) tons, and the depth of water reaches In the pier is between (9.90 – 10.06 meters) at times of islands.

Industrial island

Where an industrial island was established in the width of the Arabian Gulf, about 1708 meters from the northeast side of the northern pier, and the industrial island was established in 1966, and this island is about 3200 meters from the beach, and it consists of eight berths receiving Tankers and oil ships.


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