Where is the red castle?

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The Red Fort is located in the Mughal Fort in Old Delhi, India, and was built by Shah Jahan in the middle of the seventeenth century, and the castle is considered a major tourist attraction as it was classified as a World Heritage site for UNESCO in 2007 AD, and this castle is characterized by its walls Constructed of huge red sandstone, with a wall height of about 23 meters, the castle includes a complex of palaces, recreational halls, balconies, raised windows, bathtubs, interior channels, and engineering gardens in addition to an ornate mosque, and the most famous complex among them is the Audience Hall -i-Am) which includes sixty uncle DA which supports a ceiling flat, and the private hall (audience in English: Diwan-i-Khas) is a small hall consists of a suite of white marble.

History of the Red Fort

The history of the Red Castle intersects with the history of the Mongols who used it as a place of residence for several centuries, and in 1638 AD Emperor Shah Jahan, the capital of the Mughal Empire, transformed it from Agra to Delhi, and a new royal palace known as the Red Fort was built, and this castle has two main entrances, the Delhi Gate and the Lahuri Gate Which is located in front of the Chandni Chowk Market, which is considered the most crowded market in the city, and the construction of the red castle began in 1638 and was completed in 1648 AD, and the castle derives its name from its huge red sandy walls, and this castle is characterized by its engineering layout and architectural location and for this has been included As a world heritage site, its importance extends also from the raising of the Indian flag for the first time in this castle after India’s independence from British rule as a symbol of victory.

The importance of the red castle site

The Red Fort is a heritage center that shows Mughal architecture, and combines Islamic, Persian, Hindu and Timorese traditions, and this castle has become a symbol of the strength of the Mughal Emperor who used it to enhance its prestige and provide opportunities to implement building plans and ambitious interests, and after 1857 AD this castle was used as the headquarters of the British Indian Army, And who contributed to building many new buildings that show the colonial style, as this castle derives its importance from being a site where Indian independence is celebrated inside it every year.


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