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Saqqara Pyramid site

The step pyramid, which is called the Pyramid of Djoser, is located in the village of Saqqara in Egypt, and was built about 4700 years ago. This pyramid is also known as the first pyramid that was built by the Egyptians. It was built during the reign of King Djoser who ruled Egypt within the third dynasty of Egypt. The pyramid layout was attributed to the architect Imhotep, and it was built using 330,400 cubic meters of stone and clay. The pyramid also contains tunnels under it that form a maze of approximately 5.5 km.

Stages of building the pyramid

How the pyramid was built was examined by scientists, and it was found that the process of building the pyramid since ancient times went through several stages and witnessed some false starts, as the beginning of the pyramid was in the form of a square terrace, then it was changed to the rectangular shape, where it seems that the engineer Imhotep began building a cemetery Simple to build a six-meter high and a rectangle called a mastaba, but he decided to increase the height and change it to a pyramid.

The Pyramid Complex of Djoser

The Pyramid of Djoser is located in the heart of a complex of structures surrounded by a rectangular stone wall, and the buildings in this complex form a line of shrines, some fake buildings, walls with high ceilings, and many courtyards, including the Great Court Square located south of the pyramid, and the pyramid is located near From the center and complemented by the southern tomb, in addition to that the complex includes storage rooms located under the ground, and many galleries and corridors, most of which were not discovered until the nineteenth century. There is a temple on the north side of the pyramid that contains a statue of the king, and this statue is surrounded by a small stone structure known In the name of the basement, it is done G that his eyes Ttphoan through the hole, in addition to the presence of the altar to the side of the pyramid, and many of the stones that are identified as signs of the border.

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