Where is the sea of ​​calm

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Calm sea

During our search for the location of the sea of ​​calm, we did not expect that he would take all the effort that we made to know its location, it is natural that all seas are known for the location, borders and details, but we were surprised that this sea does not belong to the planet, but rather that its location is on the surface of the moon, This is an enlightening stone planet, where there is no sea, no water, no life. And the journey of Apollo 11 to the surface of the moon was on the twenty-first of the month of June of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine AD, after it was preceded by two flights: the first carried the name of Apollo eight, and the second carried the name of Apollo ten, but these two flights did not land on the surface of the moon, but rather they circled around it, To get back to the ground.

Apollo 11 space flight to the moon

The day of departure for the Apollo 11 flight was on the sixteenth of June of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine AD, where the exit from the orbit of the earth was at forty-two minutes from the launch, so that the arrival of the moon’s orbit after seventy-five hours and fifty minutes from the launch, and after that happened Separation of the lunar module after a hundred and one hour and thirty-six minutes, and as soon as the hour, two hours and forty-five minutes arrived, the spacecraft landed on the surface of the moon, and that was in a specific region known as the Sea of ​​Tranquility, or as it is also called the Sea of ​​Sukoon.

The first step on the moon was for the traveler Neil Armstrong, a hundred and nine hours and twenty-four minutes after the start of the journey, as it took twenty-one hours thirty-six minutes, the time of stay on the moon in the calm sea region, to return to the Earth, and land in the Pacific Ocean. Armstrong took a picture of the calm sea area before his spacecraft landed on it, and the picture also included a molten nozzle, which was six and a half kilometers in diameter.

Tasks conducted in the calm sea area

It was the first sentence that Armstrong said when he stepped on the surface of the moon: “A small step for a man, but it is a great leap for mankind.” And he accompanied him to Aldrin to install together several devices, they laid the law of aluminum, the goal of which is to measure the solar wind present on the moon’s surface, and also they installed Reflector of the laser beams, where we can measure the distance that separates the moon from the Earth, and collected some samples of the soil of the moon weighing twenty one kilograms, the aim of which is studied later by earth scientists, and what they did not forget is the implantation of the flag of the United States of America, as the first A country reaches the moon in an area Free calm, but because of the harshness of the moon and the surface of the soil, not planted for more than they could ten centimeters.


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