Where is the Seychelles is located

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The Seychelles Islands or the Seychelles Republic is one of the African countries located in the Indian Ocean, which consists of several islands, and the city of Victoria is its capital, and it was named that name in relation to a French national, who was then responsible for the tax collection process, and the Seychelles Islands consist of approximately one hundred and five Ten islands are located in the Indian Ocean, and these islands are about 1600 km from the east coast of Africa, and it is bordered by Madagascar on the northeastern side, as it is bordered by Somalia on the northwestern side, and is mediated by a number of other islands, namely: Ladigo, Praslin, and Mahe, which consist mainly Of granite rocky.

History of the Seychelles

The Seychelles did not witness the clear effects of the existence of human life in it except in the seventh century, as the Portuguese arrived there and did not find a human life in it, except that they found a point that the pirates used to take as a base and sanctuary to launch their ships that are located in the Indian Ocean, and this extended for more than two hundred years. And in the year 1756 AD, the state of France stated its right to subjugate and annex these islands to it, and that was after the governor of the French region of Mauritius, Mahe Bordonas, sent a reconnaissance ship to the islands, and the captain of this ship resided on the largest of these islands, and gave the name of a governor over them, and the first group of The French and their colonial inhabitants to these For islands in 1770 AD, in order to grow coffee, sugar cane, some tropical plants, and tea, then France ceded these islands to Britain, and that was after the war that took place between the two countries during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in the year 1814 AD, and it is worth noting that the islands It was run as one of the parts of Mauritius in the period from 1814 CE to 1903 CE, then it became an independent colony on its own until it gained independence in June 1976.

Economy and tourism in the Seychelles

These islands depend on their income and trade on tourism, as they have no other resources. It is worth noting that the Seychelles is currently witnessing a clear and noticeable development and prosperity in terms of building and building hotels and building large resorts, and it is a famous point to attract tourists, due to its features, natural scenery, and beaches Attractive, and it should be noted that it is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, due to the presence of many picturesque natural and tourist attractions, it is famous for its white sandy beaches, which are adorned with many black granite rocks and statues.


The Seychelles is famous for growing many crops, particularly spice trees, and we mention them: vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon, as they are considered the main agricultural products in the region.

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