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The Seychelles island is one of the African countries located in the Indian Ocean region and Victoria is its capital and is the largest of the islands, as it includes a large group of islands and its number is approximately 115 islands, and is a distance of 1600 km from the coast of Africa from the eastern side, and bordered on the northeastern side of Madagascar, which is It is republican and dominated by English, French and Creole.

Most of the middle islands are of granite rocky nature and the most important (what is, Ladigu, and Praslin). As for the rest of the islands, they are of coral nature and are not of a volcanic nature and not of high lava, but rather of low peaks below the sea surface and dive into it, and Madagascar is one of the closest neighboring marine countries For her, as for the African land side, Somalia is considered the closest to the northwest.

French domination

The island of Seychelles was not worth living and residing, but rather was a maritime base for pirates and a point of departure across the Indian Ocean, and remained in this state for about two hundred years, until the beginning of 1756 AD and this year France sent ships to explore the islands, and claimed that this island is its right and annexed it And it was called “Mahe de la Burdonnas” and it is the name of the French ruler who ordered the dispatch of expedition ships and it kept bearing the name until now, and it is considered the most famous and most developed of the Seychelles islands.

Independence and the economy

France revived life on the islands and sent French laborers to work in agriculture, the most famous of which were coffee, tea, sugar cane, and tropical plants. In 1814, France ceded the island to Britain as a result of the war that was led by Napoleon Bonaparte until 1903, and it remained under British colonial throughout This period and in 1976 it gained its independence, and its own international airport was established on the island of Mahe, which is also the only port from which all ships pass, and it is one of the largest islands in the Seychelles and it is one of the smallest capitals in the world, and because it carries these features it has received the greatest attention and care. M In terms of construction, architecture, and tourism, it has become a tourist destination for everyone looking for nature, beauty, tranquility and simplicity at the same time, but the tourist does not find any difficulties in dealing with the Seychelles people due to the nature of the races and the population formation that makes up the island, there is a mixture of Indians, French , And Africans with a minority of the British and a few Arabs, with multiple languages ​​circulating among them.

Seychelles is characterized by its pleasant and mild climate at most times of the year, therefore it is considered the most successful in the agricultural sector because of its fertile nature, and the workforce that has arisen on agriculture and passed on to generations despite the development that has been enjoyed, and in spite of this, it is classified from the poor countries in the world.

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