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Shubra Palace

The Shubra Palace, located in the Saudi city of Taif, was transformed into a regional museum for the Taif Governorate in 1995, and in 1415 AH it was opened to receive visitors from different parts of the earth. It was also taken by King Abdulaziz Al Saud and King Faisal bin Abdulaziz as a palace for them during their visit. For the city of Taif.

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The Shubra Palace is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Taif, where it is considered the most important historical palaces, which was established in 1904 AD by Ali bin Aoun Pasha in two years, in one of the most important streets of the large city of Taif, which is known as Shubra Street.

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The Shubra Palace is distinguished by its architectural style, as it mixes between the Romen and Islamic character, according to the architectural methods used in the traditional Hijaz region, and this palace is one of the archaeological monuments that distinguish the city, so the reliefs decorate it, especially in its wooden ceilings, in all its rooms. To form a masterpiece in the architectural field, whether inside or outside. The palace consists of a basement floor, above which there are four floors, and many appendices are added to it, in addition to the gardens that surround it, so that we find it squared among many trees.

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In Shubra Palace there are many rooms, numbering 150 rooms, and we find several entrances as well, while the main gate is located on the western side, and it is made entirely of wood decorated with a beautiful decoration. The palace also contains four facades, similar to each other, and large pillars made of stone and also from Al-Noura, but in its main hall, we find a large double wooden staircase, and the floor of this hall is of alabaster stone, known as the staircase, and we find it extending to the second floor, The component consists of two wings that include many rooms of large sizes and also small decorating its walls, corners and pillars with a colorful decoration in the form of floral leaves all sides are painted in golden color, while the windows in Shubra Palace and all its doors, they are made of wood carved with beautiful artistic engravings, and even the ceilings are all wooden, and in A decorative patterns, the wall is located at the top of the roof construction, it is decorated ornately with a Romen character.

Shubra Palace monuments

In Shubra Palace, which turned into a museum, there are many monuments, where we find many tools and stone pieces, as well as pottery, especially household utensils that were used in ancient times, and rock paintings that contain a lot of inscriptions and writings, where we find in these rock panels writings Arabic calligraphy in all its forms, and also there are many millstones in which the grain was ground since ancient times, in addition to very ancient antique weapons from daggers and swords, along with shields and rifles, as well as ancient spears and pistols, and there are gems and some jewelry and jewelry, in addition To the sister M which have been used since ancient times, and also find some lamps and glass, as well as a distillation of rose water which is famous for its old Taif, and many other ancient monuments chronicling the history of the city and the region as a whole.

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