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Snow Dubai is located inside the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, and it is one of the most creative, innovative and exciting tourist attractions in the Middle East, and can be distinguished by looking at its location, which is the oblique building that is located on top of the mall, Surrounded by groups of cozy restaurants and chalets, visitors can play with penguins, make a snowman, roll down the hills, ride a double track, explore a snow cave, or cable car ride up the hill for skiing down.

Snow City in Dubai

Dubai Snow City is known as the largest indoor ski resort in the world. It was opened in 2005, and its area is estimated at about 22.5 square meters. There is a mountain with a length of approximately 85.04 meters. It includes five ski slopes on its sides, and the resort has two bars For towing, the cable car can accommodate four people to take skiers to the top.

Attractions in Skyland Dubai

Among the areas and activities that can be visited within the Skyland product in Dubai are the following:
  • Snow Garden: It is home to ski hills, snow cave, and mega cars. Also, this garden can be entered to make snow figures and throw snowballs by children and adults.
  • Cable car: This cable car located in Dubai is considered the most modern, and it offers a view of the top view of the slopes, and the chalets covered with snow.
  • See the penguinsThe resort is home to many penguins that you can meet and play with, as well as the ability to swim with it, and visitors can get all the ski equipment that keeps them dry and warm.
  • Ski schoolThe ski school offers private lessons on how to ski for beginners, or qualified professionals, to teach and improve snowboarding skills.

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