Where is the Statue of Liberty in America?

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The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in Manhattan in New York City in the United States, and it is a statue built mainly of copper and is a gift from the people of France to the United States, and this statue rises about 46.02 meters, and stands up to 92.9 if measured from the ground level to The flame, which was designed by French sculptor Friedrich Auguste Bartholdi and the engineer associated with the engineering of the Eiffel Tower Gustave Eiffel, this statue includes a female figure wearing a dress representing the Roman goddess Libertas and is considered a symbol of freedom, and the date of the American Declaration of Independence has been engraved on her left arm while her right arm holds a torch Above her head, on the foot of the statue were broken chains depicting freedom.

The Statue of Liberty in America

The statue of liberty is one of the huge statues that bear a renewed expression from the nineteenth century, and by relying on classic, iconic and artistic elements from the modern era, this statue expressed modern aspirations, and the internal structure of the statue is considered as a massive and complex structure of construction and has been considered a harbinger of the future In architecture and art, it is characterized by the extensive use of concrete at the base and flexible wall, the curtain walls that support the overall structure, and its ability to use electricity to light the flame.

The statue appears mysterious at night because of the bright lights falling on it, and therefore attractive views of the memorial can be enjoyed by going on cruises by sea, in addition to that there are many replicas of the statue, the most prominent of which is the statue “Jardin du Luxembourg” in Luxembourg, and in Ukraine, Japan, and Las Vegas.

Tourism around the Statue of Liberty

The statue of the National Monument has served as a popular tourist destination for decades. Since its declaration as a national sign by President Calvin College in 1924 AD it has attracted many visitors, and this national statue can be entered for free, but visitors are charged a fee for the ferry service which is the only way to reach this The memorial, tickets for the monument can be purchased in the event that you want to climb the 154 degrees to reach the statue’s crown, and visitors climb up to the crown in groups of ten people with a daily average of 240 visitors as a maximum, but visitors to the crown must undergo a strict security check.


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