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Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace is one of the magnificent shrines with a distinct design in its construction. The palace was built of pure white marble, to show the elegance of design and architecture, which is one of the places that visitors frequently visit all the time, to witness the splendor of design and construction. UNESCO classified the Taj Mahal World Heritage Site, which was the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty three AD.

Its geographical location

The Taj Mahal Palace is located in the southern part of the Asian continent, where the countries of India, specifically in one of the outskirts of the Indian city of Agra, on the bank of the southern Jammen River, in Pradesh in the city of Accra.

The reasons for its construction

The Taj Mahal Palace was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and it took construction from one thousand six hundred and thirty AD to one thousand six hundred and forty-eight, and the construction of the garden surrounding this palace and additional buildings was not completed until five years after the completion of the construction of the main shrine.
The reason for building this palace is the emperor’s great grief over the death of his third wife, Arjaman Banu Bikmo who is known as Mumtaz Mahal, who died immediately after their birth to their child in essence, he is raised as the fourteenth child. The shrine for her sake, and to mark his love and loyalty.

Shrine shape

The shrine was built on a terrace, from the white alabaster, which was brought from Jidhapur, and minarets were built on the corners of the terrace, all in one size, and a height of thirty-seven meters, and rises at each of them three balconies, while the shrine is in the central region of the terrace, and takes a quadrilateral shape And there is a dome in the middle of the building, with a diameter of seventeen meters, and a height of twenty-two and a half meters.
The building includes four facades, and in each facade there is a high main entrance, which is found covered by a necklace, and the tomb of Princess Taj Mahal appears directly below the grand dome of the building, and next to its shrine there is the tomb of the emperor her husband, and we find these two shrines are decorated with inscriptions in writing.
The Taj Mahal mausoleum is considered one of the most beautiful built according to the Islamic style of architecture, to be called the “jewel of Islamic art in India” and also considered one of the timeless masterpieces of the world. The Taj Mahal is the most elegant building in Mughal architecture, and this palace is one of the most successful Timorese arts It combines the Persian style, the Turkish style, the Ottoman style, and also the Indian style.

Palace design

The design of this palace was developed by the well-known engineer Issa Shirazi, and also Amanullah Khan Shirazi, but the supervision of its construction was entrusted to a number of engineers, who are considered elites in the field of architecture, and they are Abdul Karim Muammar Khan, also Makramat Khan, but the main designer of the palace is Professor Ahmed Lahori.

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