Where is the throne of Balqis located?

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The geographical location of the Bilqis throne

The throne of Balqis is located in the Ma’rib region located in the lands of Yemen, and is located in the western side of the desert of the Empty Quarter, and archaeologists see that the civilization of Saba was in the bright Yemen, and evidence shows that the site of the Saba civilization in the tenth century BC was determined in the land of Ma’rib, and is referred to That the Prophet of God, Solomon, peace be upon him, lived in that century, and there are traces of spa in the Ma’rib region, and inscriptions with the name of Sheba, or the name of its tribe, or the name of its king, and looking for the throne of Balqis see magnificence, the beauty of the building, the colossal greatness, and the great strength of the Yemeni person the old.

The names of the throne of Balqis

The throne of Belques has many names, the most important of which are the following:

  • The Throne of the Queen of Sheba.
  • Muharram Belqis.
  • Bran Temple.
  • Deans.

Historical background about the throne of Balqis

The Bilqis throne was built during the time of Queen Balqis, the queen who ruled the Kingdom of Sheba in the tenth century B.C., and historical sources indicate that this temple remained unknown until 1988 AD, as it was buried under the sand dunes, and after excavations were found traces of the throne, which It consists of architectural units of different construction, but they are consistent, and in this building the high stairs meet the main entrance and the building square, and it is mentioned that the Holy of Holies, and the front yard and its annexes such as the Great Wall built of bricks are the most important architectural units in the temple of Bilqis, and during different time periods the temple witnessed T Developments in the construction process, which today is one of the most important monuments that tourists can visit.

Some information about the throne of Balqis

The throne of Queen Balqis was one of the wonders of the miracles that existed in the time of the Prophet of God, Solomon, peace be upon him, and it is mentioned that the throne was made of gold, and of the noble jewels, but the throne room and the throne chair were among the most beautiful things that were made in the art of casting and industry, as the guard was not The place of the throne is separated, and it is mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, for God Almighty says: (So ​​he stayed not long ago, and he said: “I have surrounded what has not been surrounded by, and I have come to you from the Sabah with certainty of certainty * I have found something of you.”)


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