Where is the tiger’s palace?

المسافرون العرب

Tiger Palace

The Tiger Palace, located in the Palestinian city of Nablus, is one of the oldest palaces built in the Levant during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The historical monuments are numerous in this city, and its stones, which have been in existence for more than a thousand years, bear witness to this.

There are many archaeological sites in Nablus, all of which date back to the Turkish and also the Mamluk era, and the mosques are the most magnificent at all, such as Al-Khadra Mosque and the Great Salahi Mosque, in addition to the presence of amazing bathrooms decorated with stone inscriptions, as well as ancient houses. It is also famous for its palaces, which were built in various forms, which are intended for everyone who visited the city of Nablus, which is characterized by the number of its rooms and the large size, and from these palaces: Abdul-Hadi Palace, Toukan Palace, and the Tiger Palace, which we will talk about here.


The Tiger Palace is located in the Palestinian state, specifically in the city of Nablus, where it is located in the northeastern part of the neighborhood called the Habla, and is considered one of the largest palaces in the area, and the largest in size.

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The palace of the tiger was built in the seventeenth century AD, by the Turkish leader who led the military campaigns that were sent by the Turkish state in order to establish security in the region, and the suppression of the temptation, the leader Abdullah Pasha Al-Nimer, who after this mission became the de facto ruler In the city of Nablus, and the sponsor of Karak Castle.

This leader later established the local family that had ruled the city of Nablus for many generations, and the tiger’s palace served as the rule of rule for them in this city, and this is what was stated in the book of the historian Ihsan al-Nimr, and he is the grandson of Abdullah Pasha al-Nimr (the history of Nablus and Balqa).

Its divisions

The Tiger Palace was built into two parts, where the northern section, which is the summer palace, was built, and the second section, the southern section, is considered the largest, and it has an entrance of large size, and consists of both palaces of two floors; and the first floor was in the form of an open courtyard, and in it a pool of water, in addition to To the stable of the horse, as for the second floor, there are many rooms, all divided into two wings, one of which is known as the Harmlik, which is dedicated to the harem, and the other is known as the Salim, which is dedicated to men.

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It is noteworthy that the Damascene traveler, Sheikh Abdul-Ghani Al-Nabulsi, whose origins date back to the city of Nablus, had visited this palace in the year one thousand six hundred and seventy-one AD, and he stayed as a guest when the recipient of Nablus, who was at that time Sheikh Ali Al-Sharbaji Al-Nimer, had written Accurate and distinctive description of this short, and is the most beautiful and most wonderful of what was written about him.

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