Where is the Turkish city of Trabzon located?

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Trabzon is one of the main cities in Turkey, and it has a long history, as it witnessed the main battles between the Ottoman and Russian armies during the Caucasus campaign that took place in the First World War led by the Grand Duke Nicholas and Nikolai Yudenich, and was the center of the Armenian genocide, and a place to break the Treaty of Lausanne that replaced Sever Treaty.

There are many sister and similar cities such as Turkish Amasya, Georgian Batumi, Turkish Dortmund, Finnish Cuban, Lithuanian Kaunas, Indonesian Burawakarta, Iranian workshops, Chinese Rizhao, Russian Sochi, Hungarian Secrets, Iranian Zanjan, and American Chicago.

Its location

The city of Trabzon is located on the Black Sea, specifically on the coast in the northeastern side of Turkey, and it is located on the historic Silk Road near the Pontic Mountains, and is surrounded by many other cities of Crazy, Gerson, and Gomo Hein, and the city coordinates are between 41 ° 00 ° to the north , 39 ° 44 ′ eastward, and its total area reaches four thousand six hundred and eighty-five thousand square kilometers, and more than one million and four hundred thousand people live on it.

Its economy

There are many sectors on which the city depends on its economy, as the maritime sector is the first pillar of the city’s economy, and it contains the most important port in the Turkish Black Sea region known as the Trabzon Port, which was founded by the British, and also depends on many other sectors such as the clothing sector made of linen, Fabric, cotton, silk, wool, the tobacco industry, and many agricultural products such as green beans and vegetables were exported to the European continent, in addition to copper, silver, zinc, iron, and manganese.

Its features

The city has many tourist attractions, and these attractions are distinguished by its historical heritage dating back to ancient times, and among its most prominent features: Hagia Sophia is one of the Byzantine churches, Trabzon Castle, Ataturk Palace which is a villa built by a Greek merchant, Boztepe Park and Ozk Sokkak Street One of the busiest streets in the city, the Trabzon Museum which contains an impressive collection of Byzantine artwork, Kostaki Palace, Al-Fatih Mosque, Friday Mosque, Iskandar Pasha Mosque, Panagia Monastery, Uzungol Lake, Agios Mikhail Church, and Forum Trabzon Complex which consists Of a large group of international shops for many products such as clothes, jewelry, and accessories, the Sumela Monastery is one of the most important tourist attractions, and it contains an area known as the monastery, a region of beautiful nature, and reaches a height of about one thousand two hundred meters, and the neighborhood bazaar located on the side North of Maras Street, which is one of the oldest shopping areas in the region, and is characterized by having streets and colorful alleys.


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