Where is the village of Tabala located?

المسافرون العرب

Tabala Village

The village of Tebalah is considered one of the most famous archaeological sites in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, as it is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the northwest of Bisha Governorate, which is about 48 km away from it, and it is bordered on the southern side by Wadi Tarj, and on the eastern side by the Bisha region of Asir, and borders it On the northern side, the Kaaba region, and on the western side, Saturday Al-Alaya

The village of Tebala is the oldest village in the Arabian Peninsula, and the Shomran tribes are currently inhabited by it: Banu Khanas, Colleges, Al Amer, Al-Masaabioun, Banu Sahem, and Al-Batin.

The importance of its geographical location

The village of Tebalah is considered the link between Mecca and Yemen, where commercial caravans and pilgrims pass through it, so they go down and provide water, firewood and dates for it to provide it, as well as passed by Al-Qais and mentioned it in his book “The Beginning and the End”, and among those who mentioned it: Al-Azdi, Tarfa Bin Al-Abed, and Zuhair Bin Abi Salma, Al-Uqaili, and Khaddash Al-Amri talked about the beauty of the region and sang it.

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Its monuments and topography

There are many archaeological sites, including: Sanam Zul Khulsa, which is located in the north of the village, and the lower Srom, which was destroyed by the companion Jarir Al-Bajali, and there is a palace of Shaalan, which is the ruler of the village in that era, i.e. in the year 1231 AH, and the palm tree is considered one of its most important landmarks. And a symbol of the people of the village of Tebala, and others such as the village of colleges, and the Upper Sorom, the valley of Malha, and the valley of Meleh.

There is also a picturesque nature and water, as it is a region where water is trapped because of the nature of its lands surrounded by mountains such as: Mount Ghoraba, Jabal as-Souda, Jabal Al-Eza, and Jabal Al-Hamer.

Call it

The village of Tebala was named by this name in relation to “Tebalah Bint Maknaf”, and it is also mentioned that it was called by this name. The fact that the pilgrims spent the “Abdullah bin Zubair movement” wanted Al-Waleed bin Abdul Malik to reward him with the wilaya of Tabilah, and when he approached her he asked who is with him They told him that the hill covered him, and he did not like it, so he went back and took over Iraq, but Tabbala was called by this name before the era of the Messenger, because the Prophet, peace be upon him, sent the companion Jarir Al-Jabali to smash the idol of the bottom line, where the people of Tabbala converted to his hand.

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The story of Shaalan’s palace

“Shaalan bin Saleh” was in charge of the Emirate of Al-Tabala village during the reign of the first Saudi state, and he is a member of the Faza tribe, and he remained a ruler until he was eliminated by the Ottoman Empire, but before he was killed he remained steadfast defending the village; loyalty to the Saudi family and his guardianship, and remained His palace is famous for it to be one of its most famous landmarks, and his noble stances were mentioned in the book “The Address of Glory in the History of Najd”, and his family still maintains his palace to this day, as they possess a legal deed of ownership.

Agriculture in Tabbala

The village of Tabbala is famous for growing palm trees, dates, wheat, barley, corn and all kinds of vegetables, as well as lemon, orange, pomegranate, guava, figs and grapes.

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