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White House

The White House is the residence and chairmanship of the President of the United States of America. It is the central and official headquarters of America’s highest executive authority. This house is located in the District of Columbia, specifically on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The White House is one of the most famous presidential palaces in the world.

White House History

In 1971 AD, a competition was held to choose an engineer to design the White House, which was won by the engineer (James Hobben). Following this, construction of the palace began, where stones were brought from Scotland, and he supervised the construction of the White House, George Washington, although he did not live. In it, where the first resident of the palace was John Adams, the second president of the United States of America in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six. The palace was named after Theodore Roosevelt, and this house was burned down by British soldiers in the year one thousand four hundred and fourteen AD, as only the outer walls of the palace were left, and the reconstruction process took three years.

James Monroe lived in the palace after partial reconstruction, and in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty four AD, the southern porch of the Baptist was added to the palace, and the northern porch was added five years later, and President Roosevelt moved all of his offices to the western wing of the new building. Expansion of the west wing and the establishment of the first oval office.
The attic of the palace was converted into a residence by merging the ceiling with long roofed windows and the eastern wing. It was used as a place for reception and for social occasions.

White House location and area

The palace is located on a land area of ​​more than seven hectares, surrounded by gardens and the palace complex consisting of the headquarters and the eastern and western wings. This house contains one hundred and thirty two rooms, thirty five bathrooms, four hundred and twelve doors, one hundred and forty seven windows, twenty eight stoves, eight stairs, three elevators, five kitchens, tennis court, one bowling track, family theater (theater and cinema) ), A swimming pool and a running track.
The presidential residence is located between the east and west wing, and the north facade of the house is intended to receive visitors. The ground floor of the white house contains the map room, the diplomatic meeting room and the Chinese room. The first floor contains the blue room, the red room and the green room, in addition to the entrance hall, and the second floor includes the central hall. The dinner room and the yellow room.
The West Wing of the White House contains the Oval Office (the Office of the President), the Cabinet, and the Operations Room, in addition to the Roosevelt Hall in which the meetings are held, while the East Wing includes the Office of Our Lady of the Palace (wife of the President of the United States), in addition to the offices of its staff. The suite is on the family and cinema stage. And the number of visitors to the White House more than thirty thousand visitors per week, in addition to large numbers come to see the White House from abroad.


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