Where is Verona located?

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Verona is one of the cities on the European continent, which is located on both sides of the Adige River, and it is located within the Veneto region in the northeastern part of the Italian country, and the total area of ​​the city reaches two hundred and six square kilometers, and more than seven hundred and fifteen thousand people live on it. The coordinates of the city are limited between a latitude of ten degrees to the north, and a longitude of twenty-six degrees to the east. The city is affected by a humid sub-tropical climate with the influence of the Mediterranean climate, where the weather during the summer is hot, cold and rainy during the winter, and the rate of fallThe rains reach eight hundred and three millimeters, and the average annual relative humidity in the city reaches seventy-seven percent.

Her sports activities

Verona is home to three football clubs:

  • Club Hellas Verona: He owns a few tournaments and participated in the Italian Serie A and European Cup.
  • Chievo Club Verona: Who is now playing in the italian first division
  • Verona derby: It is the third club.

The city also contains many clubs that were famous through other sports such as volleyball, rugby and basketball, and the city hosted the World Road Cycling Championship on two occasions, the World Cup for baseball in the year two thousand and nine AD, and the Volleyball World Cup in the year two thousand and ten AD , And the Women’s Volleyball World Championship in the year two thousand and fourteen AD.

Means of transportation

You can move around the Verona neighborhoods using one of the following transportation:

  • Buses: The city has a large network of buses that serve the city, so that residents can reach most of the city’s areas via this network, and buses are operated by the local public transport company known as the Azienda Trasporte Verona (ATV).
  • Railways: The city owns a network of railways, which is located on the main road, as it extends from the northern part to the southern part of the country, i.e. from the Brenner Pass to the capital, Rome, and the east-west network line runs from Milan to Venice, and this network reaches most European countries. The railway handles more than twenty-five million passengers annually.
  • Weather: The city owns Verona Airport, which has an area of ​​three miles. It is located in the southwestern part of the city. The airport annually deals with three and a half million passengers. The airport is linked with the Porta railway by bus, and the airport provides direct flights to many European cities Krumah, Fiumicino , Munich, Berlin, Moscow, Naples, Frankfurt, Catania, Paris, Charles de Gaulle, London, Gatwick, Dublin, Palermo, Manchester, Vienna, Schwacht, Liverpool and Cagliari.


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