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Yathrib is the name that was previously called the enlightened city before the migration of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, this name was named after “Yathrib bin Qainah bin Mahliel bin Abil bin Iram bin Sam bin Noah”, and it is hated to call it by this name and better to call it “the city” or “Thebes” or any name given to it after the Prophet’s migration. The name “Yathrib” was popular in the past, as some non-Arabic writings and inscriptions that mentioned this name were found especially in the book “Geography of Ptolemy the Greek” and the book “Stephen Byzanti”, and the name “Atribo” was found engraved on a stone pillar in the Harran region.

After the Prophet’s migration, the city of Yathrib gained a sacred place, and Muslims called it “Medina”, in which the first Islamic state was established. Rather, it was the first Islamic capital to be ruled by the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and then was ruled by the caliphs.

Residents of Yathrib previously

The tribe of Abil was the one who lived in it under the leadership of “Yathrib bin Qainah”, which was named after him, then the Amalek came after them and settled in them, and they are the descendants of Noah who came from the region of Babel, then the tribe of “drag them” came and took them out and lived in it.

Yathrib and Amalek

Amalek is one of the ancient tribes that settled in Yathrib but became extinct. The name of the Amalekites suggests to us that they are people who are distinguished by the enormity of the body, since the meaning of the word “Amalek” in the language means sleepless. Some historians state that the pre-immigration population of the Arabian Peninsula until the year 1600 was of great height, and there are accounts in history books that the Amalekites are descendants of “Ma’leq bin Lawd bin Noah”.

The Amalekites were working in agriculture in Yathrib for the fertility of its lands and the abundance of water in it. From the invading tribes.

Yathrib and rhombuses

The researchers report that the city of Yathrib was under the control of the Ma’in kingdom, and it is one of the oldest Arab kingdoms known by some archaeological discoveries. The excavators also found some inscriptions and writings confirming that Yathrib, Ammon, Moan, and Gaza belonged to the designated kingdom, and a certain king appointed a ruler over each region and called it “old” and took over its affairs.


Information about the city and the countryside

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