Where is Zaabal Castle located?

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Zabal Castle

Zabal Castle is an ancient historical castle built since ancient times on a steep rocky mountain to the north of the city of Sakaka, which is located in the Al-Jawf region in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The series, due to the fact that it was destroyed and vandalized during the old conflicts, as it targeted this fortress from the invaders in order to get rid of them and destroy them due to its strong fortifications and its important strategic location.

The date of its construction

Some scholars have estimated the date of the first construction of this castle to be about 900 years, while its current construction dates back to approximately 400 years, and this indicates the nobility of this castle and its long history that witnessed many ages, and historians see that this ancient castle was built on the ruins of a building dating back to the Kingdom The Nabataeans that existed in the region from the first century BC to the end of the first century AD. The people of the Sakaka region were using this castle for protection from the invaders and greedy of their land, building beneath them from clay houses to hide in during the bloody wars that invaded that region at that time. Adjacent to the castle from the western side, “Mount Prince”, which was characterized by drawings, engravings and distinctive rock sculptures.

The contents and characteristic of the castle

Zabal Castle was distinguished by its unique and ingenious design, as it was a strong bulwark against the invaders who were unable to reach it, as it contains a huge stone fence mixed with compacted mud, and it has four corners in each of them a watchtower that rises about five meters from the floor of the castle, and no one can reach To the castle except from one road with arches, as for its internal structure, it contains only two rooms, in addition to one entrance located to the southeastern side of the southeast tower of the castle. The castle also contains a water reservoir “well” square in order to save the water for a long time engraved In the square of the solid castle and a depth of one meter Almost D, and this well connects the Al-Qasr area with the Al-Qalqib region in the east of the city of Sakaka, through a well-tunnel that extends to about three kilometers, and the castle of Zaabal has made the area of ​​Al-Jouf and specifically the city of Sakaka an archeological and touristic city with distinction, as it attracts hundreds of tourists annually who want to know It should enjoy the oldest archaeological sites in the region, which will benefit the economic and investment interests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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