Where is Zagreb located?

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The city of Zagreb

It is one of the cities located in the European continent, and it is located in the northwestern part of the Croatian country, and it extends along the Sava River, and the city is bordered on the north by the city of Varaدينdin, on the northwestern side by Zpresz, on the northeastern Bielovar, and on the southern side by Odra, and on the south Southwest Karlovac, from the southeastern side Velika Gorica, from the western side Sampur, and from the eastern side Dogo Silo.

Its location and climate

The height of the city ranges from one hundred and twenty two meters to a thousand five and thirty meters above the sea level, and the total area of ​​the city reaches six hundred and forty one square kilometers, and more than seven hundred and ninety eight thousand people live on it, and the coordinates of the city are limited to latitude between 45 ° and 49 ° towards North, and on the longitude between 15 ° 59 ° east.

The city is affected by the surrounding climate, because it is located near the limits of the humid continental climate, and the city has four separate seasons from each other, and the average temperature in the summer season reaches twenty-two degrees Celsius, and in the winter season the average reaches only one temperature, and snow falls Only in this season, which runs from December to March, and rain falls with heavy fog during the autumn, which runs from October to December, and the highest temperature recorded in the city reached forty degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature reached Registered to twenty seven Centigrade below zero.

Tourism in it

The city is an important tourist center in the country and the European continent, and the city annually attracts more than a million tourists, most of them Austrian, German, and Italian countries, and the most important thing that distinguishes the city is that it has many service beaches along the Adriatic coast, as it contains many tourist areas Which:

  • The Croatian Republic Square (former Marshal Teto): It is one of the largest squares in Zagreb, and the square dates back to the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, and many buildings overlooking the square were built in the late nineteenth century, such as the Croatian National Theater, and also overlooks a group of squares Green, U-shaped public gardens, these squares are designed by the engineer Milan Linosi.
  • Mimara Museum: The museum was founded with the support of Ante Mimar in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, and it now owns three thousand seven hundred and fifty different artworks from different cultures and ancient civilizations.
  • Ethnographic Museum: Founded in the year one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, and is located in the building of separation, the museum contains more than eighty thousand belongings belonging to the country’s ethnographic heritage, and these holdings are classified into three categories: Anonia, Dinaric and the Adriatic Sea.


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