Where is Zahraa Nasr City located?

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Its location

Zahraa Nasr City is located in the east of the Nasr City neighborhood, to the northwest of New Cairo City, and to the south of Ain Shams, as it is located on the ring road that connects many areas of the capital with each other, to the north of Zahraa Nasr City, Cairo International Airport is located, Which is also located on the ring road itself, and one of the most famous landmarks near it is the Al Nakheel Resort, which is located almost on the opposite side of it.

As for Nasr City, it is a neighborhood of Cairo, where it was established to be an extension of Heliopolis, and it is divided into two regions: Al Sharq and Al Gharb, and Nasr City is considered one of the largest neighborhoods in Cairo and the largest in terms of area, with an area estimated at two hundred and fifty Square kilometers.

Its history

Zahraa Nasr City was built in the 1980s and was built by the Egyptian army, which is a residential city that was designated for army officers and their families, but an apartment can be sold to civilian citizens through the housing fund mandated by the army to sell apartments, and the city before its establishment was a A zone for military units, including air defense units, where these units were removed after construction began.

Its features

One property in Zahraa Nasr City consists of about five floors, in addition to the ground floor. The one floor contains four apartments, most of which consist of three rooms, some of which are two-room.

There are many important and major stations in Zahraa Nasr City, including: the Military Police Station, the mosque, the electricity, the parking lot, the clinic, the pharmacy, and others. This area also includes a main water tank, in addition to two water stations, two petrol stations, and electricity stations, apart from Transfer stations, and a comprehensive exchange that provides free internet services to the residents. The Egyptian army has also established an outpatient clinic to serve the city’s residents.

Zahra also includes places designated for the practice of sporting activities, where these places belong in terms of administration to the armed forces, in addition to a library dedicated to children and the people of the region, and a place to hold various events such as marriage, consolation, and so on.

In addition to the above, several government schools have been established in the city, such as: Al-Mustakbal Experimental Language School, Zahraa Nasr City Experimental School, and Zahraa Nasr City Arab School, in addition to the presence of a private school in it.

The Egyptian army did not overlook the necessity of establishing some buildings, interests, and bodies affiliated with it, as it established the Military Court in the first city, in addition to a military police point, also located in the first city, and another one at the end of it.


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