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Zermatt is considered one of the most beautiful and famous tourist villages located in Switzerland, specifically in the city of Canton Valais, whose people speak the German language, so that approximately six thousand people live in it, and its height above the sea level is approximately one thousand six hundred meters, and its location is most distinguished by its presence within The Alps range, which includes many high mountains, and the highest height of up to four thousand meters, near Mount Matruhon, which is similar to the shape of pieces of chocolate toplerones, which includes a group of parks for glaciation, so a large number of tourists visit it specifically during Winter season To practice skiing, knowing that the means of transportation used in it are dependent on electricity only, with the aim of preventing pollution that may result from the use of vehicles or oil and oil-based transportation. As for access to this ancient tourist village, it is done by car or train. If we want to travel to it using the car, the city of Devon is the starting point, which is about two hundred kilometers away from the village, and requires two and a half hours, but if we want to reach it using the train, Interlaken will be the starting point, and requires only about two hours, and it can Take it Y Montreux because it is considered the shortest route, Vbalsearh get to the village up to an hour and a half by train and get to it after an hour. .

Its most prominent features

This beautiful village includes a group of places and landmarks, including:

  • A group of railways through which a tourist can reach the highest mountain peak in it, and the group of railways is called Legornergrat.
  • The Matterhorn Museum, named after a person named Matterhorn who attempted to climb into the museum area in 1865 CE and died while trying, and in his honor there was established a museum named after him, which includes the equipment he used during his climb.
  • A cable car through which a visitor can reach the highest place in Europe, Glacier Paradise or Klein Matterhorn.
  • The Gorner Valley Narrow Aisle is located between a group of tall and beautiful mountains.
  • In addition to a small village called Vendeln, which has a church, it is approximately two thousand meters high.

Its most important activities

Many festivals and special events are held in it, the most prominent of which are:

  • Swiss Food Festival.
  • A festival of Swiss folklore and traditions.
  • A festival of music and art, which every period includes a group of musicians and playlists.
  • In addition to sporting events, it includes ice-skating competitions of various heights.

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