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Turkey is a secular Asian country located in the Middle East, bordered to the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, and bordered to the east by Iran and Armenia, while bordered to the south by Iraq and Syria, and to the west by Greece, Bulgaria, and the Aegean Sea. This country is located in a strategic location as it connects between Asia and Europe, and it is a rectangular country, with its capital in Istanbul, and there are many other important cities such as Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, and Antalya, and in this article we will get to know more Antalya, and take you dear readers on a tour Small in the tourist places that you can visit in this wonderful city.


Antalya This Turkish city that was previously called Adalia or Atalia, which is a coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the southwest of the country, specifically southwest of Anatolia, and away from the capital, Istanbul, seven hundred and twenty-nine kilometers away, and this city extends on a plain surrounded by mountains, It consists of two flat areas of travertine, and in the city center there is the rocky plain close to the coast.

The city of Antalya depends on its financial resources and economy on tourism in the first place, agriculture and trade in the second degree, in addition to some other industries, as it exports large quantities of citrus, olive, oil, bananas, and flowers. Based on these data, we will dwell more in the tourist places that can be visited in this city.

Tourist places in Antalya

old City

If you travel one day to Antalya, you must definitely go to the old city in it, as the old city known as “Kaleici” represents the historical aspect of the region, which was built by the Byzantines, and is famous for its high walls, its lighthouse, narrow streets, and alleys, in addition to Marina Port is the oldest port in Antalya, and this region holds many events that attract tourists.

Duden Falls

These wonderful waterfalls are located on the river “Duden” which are waterfalls forty-five minutes away from the city, and many parks, cafes, and restaurants have been set up around them, which target fences in the first place.

Ataturk Park

This wonderful park extends along the sea side of the city, and it contains large areas of green trees and beautiful paths planted with the most beautiful types of flowers, as this park overlooks the beach, and you see from it the summit of the Taurus Mountains, and there is also a playground and a green yard for staging.

Aquapark city

Aquapark Aquatic City of the Deadman Hotel, which is a large water city with many water games, and dolphin shows are also held.

Other tourist places

If you really intend to travel there, the tourist places are not limited to the aforementioned, the glass pyramid museum, water museum, mini city, cable car, in addition to other places, such as malls, the most important of which is the Shi Mall.


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