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Ostrazac Castle

The Ostrožac Castle located at the top of the Una Valley is considered one of the most famous castles in Bosnia. It was first referred to in 1286 AD. The castle contains many landmarks that require exploration from different eras, along with fences and towers that can be climbed, With the possibility of visiting the sculptures garden dating back to 1969.

Sarajevo Cable Car

The Sarajevo cable car is one of the interesting tourist places in Bosnia, as it was destroyed in the war, and it reopened in 2020 AD, and the cable car is located on Mt Trebević, so that visitors ride it on a nine-minute trip heading to the top of the mountain for an estimated distance of five hundred meters, From this point, passengers can head to the hotel on foot.

Stare Most Bridge

The Stari Most Bridge is known as the Old Bridge, and it is one of the world-famous bridges. It was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the bridge was built between 1557 and 1566 CE by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, but its current structure is a process of rebuilding It took place in the twenty-first century after its collapse during the civil war of the nineties, and the bridge is distinguished by its distinctive engineering structure, which reflects the sunlight at sunset, which made it a distinguished destination when traveling to Bosnia.

Bascarsija Market

The Bascarsija market in Sarajevo is considered one of the places that witnessed the history of Bosnia, with the origin of this market dating back to the year 1462 AD under the regime of Isa Bey bin Ishaq from the Ottoman era, and the Bascarsija market has withstood the devastation caused by the great fires, earthquakes and wars throughout history, and the rest of the day It is the remains of a witness to the history of Bosnia.

Kravica Waterfalls

Kravice waterfalls are a large waterfall of tova rocks located on the Tribez River, and the height ranges between 25 to 28 meters, and it is considered a quiet tourist attraction, so that it is distinguished by its charming natural beauty, as it possesses a strange natural phenomenon, which is the acquisition of different colors depending on On the time of year.

Other places in Bosnia

Many tourist places can be visited in Bosnia, including:

  • Pliva waterfall: It is located in the central part of Bosnia and forms the meeting point with the Vrbas River.
  • Ona River: It is one of the wonderful places in Bosnia, near which there is a national park located within the natural borders between Croatia and Bosnia.
  • Bona Springs: It is one of the most visited places in Bosnia, combining natural beauty with creative architecture.
  • The town of Zebshi: It is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains, located in the valley between Doboj and Zenica, through which the Bosnian River flows.

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