Where to go in Cairo

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Cairo crosses one of the Egyptian cities located in the northern part of the republic on the sides of the Nile River islands, and it is also the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt and its largest city in terms of area and population, with a population of about nine and a half million according to statistics in 2015, and it is also one of the most culturally diverse cities And culturally, and this is what made it a destination for many visitors and tourists from different regions of the world in order to enjoy its beautiful and distinctive archaeological monuments, and this is what we will introduce you to in the following lines of Arab travelers.

Where to go in Cairo

Khan Al-Khalily

Khan Al-Khalili is considered one of the old and ancient neighborhoods of Cairo, which exceeds 600 years old, and this place enjoys being one of the great tourist attractions for the residents of Cairo and Egypt in general, and it is distinguished for its many bazaars and popular restaurants, and it is noted that the design of this place is an authentic architecture It still remains from the Mamluk era to the present day.

Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi Castle is located in the Al-Qala’a neighborhood, built by Sultan Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Yusef bin Ayoub on one of the lands separated from Al-Muqattam Mountain on the outskirts of this city. In the Middle Ages, in addition to its strategic and defense position located between the cities of Cairo and Fustat, which constitutes a high natural barrier between the two cities, which makes it a point of contact between the castle and the city in the event of a siege, and this castle has witnessed many events throughout history.

Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the oldest museums that was constructed as a museum in the world, and it is distinguished as the only building in the world that contains the civilization of one people only, as it contains more than one hundred and sixty thousand antiques, and many mummies, and this building consists of two floors; where it is displayed The large monuments on the first floor, which are arranged historically, while the second floor contains many statues, manuscripts, wooden sarcophagi, ornaments, the archeology of Tutankhamun, and the monuments of the Valley of the Kings. Finally, this museum is located in Tahrir Square, whose entry requires a paper Proof of personal ID Well.

Giza Pyramids

These pyramids are located on the Giza Plateau, built approximately 2480-2550 BC, and this region consists of three main pyramids: the pyramid of Khufu, the Khafre pyramid, and the Menkaure pyramid, and these pyramids are royal tombs each bearing the name of the king who built it and buried In it after his death, in addition to this type of construction is clear evidence of the development of the tomb architecture in Egypt during one of the stages.

Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is one of the most important and most important tourist and archeological landmarks of Cairo, built in the period between 1956-1961 AD of reinforced concrete, and was designed in the form of an Egyptian lotus flower, and is located in the heart of Cairo on the outskirts of Zamalek Island in the Nile River, and reaches a height of about one hundred and eighty seven meters This tower is characterized by the presence of a tourist restaurant with a rotating platform on its top, so that its visitors can see the sights of Cairo from all directions.


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