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Emirate of Dubai

It is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and the second largest emirate after the city of Abu Dhabi, and the Emirate of Dubai constitutes almost one fifth of the country’s area, and is considered one of the largest emirates in terms of population, with a population exceeding more than two million people.

brief history

The Emirate of Dubai was established in the third decade of the nineteenth century, after more than eight hundred people from the Baniyas tribe settled there under the leadership of Al Maktoum, near the Al Khor area, where this place was a natural port in the region, and this led to the emergence of Dubai as an important center for trade and fishing Fish and pearls, and at the beginning of the twentieth century AD, Dubai was considered a famous port in the region, and its population at that time exceeded twenty thousand people.

After the discovery of oil in the emirate, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum worked to invest oil imports, by working hard and diligently to develop the infrastructure in the emirate, where he worked on building schools and hospitals and building roads, and established the foundations of communication networks there, in addition to that During his reign, a (modern) port was established at Dubai International Airport, and he worked on developing the runway to accommodate all types of aircraft.

Historic sites in the emirate

There are many historical sites in the emirate that are popular with visitors, including:

  • Al-Shandagha It is one of the neighborhoods of Dubai, and the first nucleus of the city, and the seat of the ruler, located Al-Shindagha in Bur Dubai, and located in the opposite of it the Cape region, was established in the mid-seventies of the last century, and by the tunnel Al-Shindagha which is located between the mainland and Deira down from the Dubai Creek, to facilitate traffic Avoid turning to use the Al Maktoum Bridge.
  • Bastakiya: It is a historical neighborhood, currently called (Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood), and is located to the east of the city in Bur Dubai.

Bastakiya dates back to the nineteenth century, and is considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in old Dubai, where the neighborhood was inhabited by rich families who came to the region from Bastak province to the south of Iran.

  • Al Fahidi Fort.
  • Al Shindagha Square.
  • Naif Castle.

The attractions of the emirate

There are many stations in the emirate of Dubai that the visitor or tourist goes to during his visit to the city, and the emirate has been famous for the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held annually, in addition to many commercial centers and tourist facilities, and the archaeological sites mentioned above, which are a major destination for visitors to the emirate, including Shindagha and Bastakiya. Al-Fahidi Castle and Naif Castle.


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