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Shopping in Menteng

Shopping is one of the means of entertainment in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, and whoever wants a pleasant shopping experience can visit the Menteng region, which is famous for its flea market, where there is a large group of goods in this market, including art and crafts. And textiles and foodstuffs. The main market was opened in Menteng in the 1970s. This market is famous for its carved wood carvings, and its area is about half a kilometer. This gives the visitor many options and can choose whatever is appropriate for his budget.

Jakarta Islands

A tourist can visit the famous islands of Jakarta, which number one thousand. These islands are just a few hours away from the city center and are called (Pulau Seribu) in Indonesian. The islands area is characterized by its wonderful beaches, bays and beautiful entrances, and the best way to enjoy visiting the islands is to take a boat tour Allowing a person to move from one island to another and enjoy the view of the islands in the sea, you can also visit the luxurious resorts in the area for food or drinks.

Onal Museum

The Onal Museum is one of the most beautiful and important areas in Indonesia, the museum contains a huge stone collection that was placed in the open courtyard of the museum in 1862 AD, in addition to the presence of an ancient statue dating back thousands of years, and there is also a huge stone image with a height of 4.5 meters belonging to King Verawa (Bhairawa) from Rambhan in Sumatra.

Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and is known for its luxurious construction and its impressive architecture, in addition to its cultural and historical significance, visited by famous personalities such as Barack Obama, King Salman from Saudi Arabia, and other leaders around the world.

Jakarta Cathedral

Located in the city center of Jakarta, the high-rise Jakarta Cathedral is built in a splendid Gothic Indian architectural style; it houses tall towers. Many of the materials and pieces of furniture made in the cathedral in the Netherlands were made during the country’s colonial era, including the massive pipeline device and the main ornate altar One of the cathedral’s towers is a museum that contains Catholic monuments.

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