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Kuala Lumpur city

The Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur is one of the most important Malaysian cities ever, and it has a very high and very large Asian importance, which is the capital of Malaysia and it is also the largest city of its cities. The area of ​​this city is estimated at approximately 243 square kilometers, while its population is approximately approximately one million and 400 thousand square kilometers, and this was based on the statistics of the year 2010 AD.

The Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur is distinguished by the many important and beautiful landmarks in which it is located. Both government and people, for this reason, Kuala Lumpur in particular and Malaysia in general occupy a global position at all levels and levels and mainly on the global tourism map, it is an important and vital tourist destination. Those who visit Kuala Lumpur can enjoy spending the best times in many different and varied places such as beautiful tourist places such as mosques that are characterized by the beauty of their buildings, picturesque gardens, museums and various restaurants that are characterized by moderate prices and delicious food and game cities and many other entertainment places., And in this The article will mention the most important, most important and most beautiful places in Kuala Lumpur.

Where to go in Kuala Lumpur

The Twin Towers

Also known as the Petronas Towers, these two important landmarks are among the most prominent and beautiful of Malaysia at all, and they have a large number of places that can be visited, except for the pleasure of going to them and visiting them just for the sake of visiting and enjoying watching them and ascending to the highest floors.

Islamic art museum

The Museum of Islamic Art is distinguished by its beautiful design, as it is a striking design that takes away the heart, and it contains many decorations belonging to Islamic art that highlight the beauty of this art, in addition to containing many important Islamic and Malaysian exhibits.

Aquarium Sea World

In the Aquarium World of Aquarium there are many aquariums that contain very beautiful and diverse marine creatures.

Butterflies garden

The butterfly garden contains many types of beautiful butterflies that cannot be seen anywhere in the world, and these butterflies are distinguished by the beauty of their colors and sizes, which the visitor may be surprised about.


Megamall mega mall contains many different shops, mentioning the shops it is worth noting that the prices in Kuala Lumpur are good and suitable, as they are not expensive as some believe, as it is possible to shop there comfortably and calmly, and enjoy the most beautiful times. This huge mall contains many entertainment places like cinema, in addition to a very large number of restaurants.

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