Where to go in Kuwait

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The State of Kuwait is considered one of the most important Gulf states that were proactive in the civilization renaissance and keeping pace with developments in the world, and the state of Kuwait was called the jewel of the Gulf; Pearl trade and diving in the seas, but after the discovery of oil in Kuwait, the conditions of this country changed to form one of the seven largest oil exporters in the world, and the discovery of oil caused a revolution in Kuwait at all levels, where the economy developed significantly, as financial surpluses contributed Derived from oil in the construction of a number of attractions frequented by visitors or residents. In this article, we will review the most important and distinctive destinations that can be visited when visiting Kuwait.

Where to go in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is one of the most famous landmarks of Kuwait, where the image of the famous Kuwait Towers was associated with many national and cultural occasions, and Kuwait Towers were established during the reign of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah in 1963 AD, and it is located in the east of the country, and it consists of three towers, the main tower, and consists of A lower circular ball in which restaurants and rest places are located, while the smaller upper circular ball consists of two parts: a fixed part in which there are restrooms and restaurants, and a moving part in which a telescope and binoculars are for everyone who likes to look at Kuwait’s landmarks from above. It uses the second tower that mediates the towers as a water tank, while the third tower provides other towers with electrical energy.

The entertainment city in Kuwait

Among the landmarks of Kuwait is also the entertainment city located twenty meters from Kuwait City, the capital, and it represents Walt Disney Kuwait because it contains fun and interesting entertainment games. This city consists of several parts, each of which contains a set of various games that entertain young and old on Both. The zoo, which is located in the Al-Amriya area, is one of the most interesting tourist places in the State of Kuwait, because it contains various types of animals.

The monitor

There is also a musical fountain in Al-Mirqab in the State of Kuwait, which consists of about two hundred and twenty water basins, and these musical fountains are lit at night to give an extremely amazing look and beauty. There are also a number of towers in the State of Kuwait that are worth visiting, including the Liberation Tower and the Al-Hamra Tower. The city of Kuwait is famous for its large mosque, which was built in 1986 according to a wonderful architectural style. This mosque is intended for thousands of worshipers during the blessed month of Ramadan to pray and observe i’tikaaf.


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