Where to go in Kuwait

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Kuwait Towers

There are many areas in Kuwait City that attract tourists, and the most prominent are the Makkah Towers, which are a group of spherical figures of different sizes on pointed towers, and includes a rotating platform, a restaurant, and stairs to see the scenery, so it is one of the ideal areas to enjoy seeing the sunset, and it includes two main towers And a secondary tower, and these towers were built in March of 1979. These towers are located on the Arabian Gulf Road in the Sharq neighborhood, and there is also the Liberation Tower, which is the second tallest tower in Kuwait, and represents a symbol of the liberation of Kuwait, as it is the longest telecommunications tower In the world.

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque in Kuwait is considered an architectural landmark, and the largest official mosque in Kuwait, it is a site famous for traditional Islamic architecture, and is located in the heart of Kuwait City, and its design is derived from the Persian structural design, especially the large central dome, pointed arches, and the portico of the columns that Air corridors are exposed, and there are also Andalusian-style tile works.

the green Island

Green Island is famous for being the ideal place to relax, it is a popular popular resort in Kuwait, which is an artificial island located along the coastline, surrounded by natural rocks brought by the Emirate of Fujairah Emirates, and includes a tourist tower of 35 meters long, tourists can see the entire island through it, and includes the tower Castle for children, with many rooms, corridors, spiral staircase, waterfalls, and is located on the east side of the island, a pool, and many recreational facilities, entertainment for families, and outdoor play.

Other tourist places in Kuwait

Kuwait is home to many tourist sites, and sites that tourists can visit:

  • Qurain Martyrs Museum.
  • Scientific Center.
  • Tareq Rajab Museum.
  • Entertainment City.
  • fish market.
  • Seif Palace.
  • Kuwait Zoo.
  • Copper Island.


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