Where to go in Lausanne

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Lausanne is one of the most important cities in Switzerland, which is located specifically on Lake Geneva and where the most important cultural and sports conferences, especially the Olympics, are held, and it is one of the most cities that include universities and educational colleges in addition to the distinctive tourist areas in it.

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As for its borders, it is surrounded by a group of beaches that follow Lake Geneva, which gives it a distinctive strategic and natural location, in addition to a rural area in the north called Lausanne; therefore it is classified as one of the most prominent tourist cities in Switzerland because it includes a group of places or areas that you can head to Directly to it.

Where to go in Lausanne

One of the most beautiful places in the city of Lausanne :

  • Art Museum (The Collection de l’art brut): It was specifically established in the year 1976 AD by a group of artists, in which it displayed a group of artworks characterized by sadness and sorrow, in addition to artifacts that included the most important architectural and creative designs, which were in total distressed as well, and the museum opens from eleven in the morning until six o’clock in the evening From Saturday to Wednesday.
  • Musee Olympique: It includes the most important and most beautiful Olympic games, and therefore it is considered a place to encourage the practice of sports, in which there are about ten thousand sports pieces, and its working hours extend from nine in the morning until six in the evening, in addition to that it is surrounded by a building that includes many of the statues and art pieces, most of which are characterized by a sporting nature.
  • The Cathedral of Notre Dame: It was built between the years 1170 CE and 1240 CE and was built on the Gothic style and is considered one of the most prominent monuments in all of Switzerland.
  • Lausanne Museum of History (Musee Historique de Lausanne): Founded in the year 1918 AD, it contains many paintings and drawings that are characterized by beautiful and ancient engravings and pictures, in addition to containing a group of metal pieces and weapons in addition to clothes and costumes, specifically the traditional, and all of its shows were visual and audio shows, but the entrance fees to it are equal Eight Swiss francs.
  • Forest and Lake (Sauvabelin): It is an artificial lake that was established in the year 1888 AD, and includes a wooden flank that was built in 2003 AD with a length of approximately thirty-five meters, which is distinguished by the beautiful view it provides.
  • Palais de Rumine: It was designed during the Renaissance and specifically Italian, and includes a group of museums in which exhibitions are held, and its working hours are from Saturday to Wednesday starting from eleven in the morning until eight in the evening and from Friday to Sunday starting from eleven in the morning until five in the evening.


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