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Los Angeles

Varied in the United States of America many famous cities, and the most important of these cities that have a wide resonance and famous throughout the land is the city of Los Angeles, which is a distinctive tourist destination indispensable when visiting the state of California, the city of Los Angeles is the administrative center of this state.

Los Angeles site

The city of Los Angeles is called the city of angels and the city of lights that never extinguishes is an indication of the vitality of the pulse of the spirit of this city. This city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in southern California, surrounded by the southeastern city of San Francisco, and on the west by the city of San Diego. The secret of the vitality of this city and the most important places in Los Angeles.

The most important places and landmarks in Los Angeles

Among the most important places in Los Angeles:


This place is well known, as it is considered the largest city for filmmaking, and this site contains different filming locations, it is a very charming place that includes many stars and celebrities of cinema, so it is very suitable for taking many pictures, and when talking about Hollywood it is necessary to visit the Chinese theater Enjoy Venice Beach and traffic on Santa Monica Street.

Whats tower

It is a mandatory line that must be passed by tourists in this city, and this street is distinguished by its luxurious architectural style, it is decorated with glass, ceramics and tiles, and this street is located east of Street 107.

Griffith Park

One of the largest parks in Los Angeles, and it contains many games, a zoo and stables for horse riding, hiking and cycling can be practiced in it, and the Greek theater can be visited there. The park is very large and varied for all tourist activities.

The big market

It is called the Grand Central Market, and it is one of the largest markets that offers agricultural products, and it is one of the popular markets where fruits and vegetables are displayed and sold at low prices, and there are many kiosks and restaurants that sell meals at reasonable prices as well.

St. Monica Bear

This area is the vital point in Los Angeles, and it is called the Entertainment City; it includes the J-Ball Getty Museum, the Art Museum and Disneyland World, large skyscrapers as well as the Solar Powered Ferris Wheel, and the Beverly Hills area the area dedicated to celebrities and businessmen.

Venice Beach

Tourists can enjoy the sound of music through roaming musicians all over the beach, playing music and singing rap songs.


It is one of the shortest railroads in Los Angeles and was constructed in 1909 AD during the Spanish occuAl Bahahn.

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