Where to go in Malaysia

المسافرون العرب


In times of long holidays, thinking begins to travel on tourist trips to beautiful areas, where enjoying the scenic views, and the moderate summer atmosphere, and always there are many options for the traveler to enjoy a distinctive tourist trip, whether inside his country or abroad like most of the countries that are famous for their tourist attractions such as Comoros, Nepal, Thailand, India, Turkey, Malaysia and many other options. Each country has its own aesthetic and regions that distinguish it from others, which opens the way for the prosperity of the tourist movement, the exchange of cultures, the revitalization of the global economic movement, in addition to learning about the cultures of peoples, and the Rest and recuperation, and the Internet has facilitated searches for countries suitable for holidays and vacations, with knowledge of the cost of accommodation, its tourist attractions, the nature of its climate, and other important information that every traveler needs.


A country located to the southeast of the continent of Asia, on the borders with Indonesia, Brunei, the South China Sea, and southern Vietnam, comprising thirteen states with an area equivalent to three hundred and thirty thousand square kilometers, and a population of about thirty million people distributed between the capital Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, The rest of the provinces and cities work in government jobs, agricultural businesses, and trade, and the tourism sector provides an important part of the national economy’s imports.

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Malaysia gained its independence from British influence in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, and it started forming an independent government, managing its own affairs and electing its president as an independent democratic republican state.

Malaysia is characterized by a tropical climate and is dominated by smooth monsoons. It is rarely affected by hurricanes or droughts. It maintains humidity by about ninety percent due to its proximity to the equator, so its weather remains hot and humid throughout the year.

Tourist places

Malaysia is distinguished by its plant and animal diversity due to its location on the equator and the nature of the climate that helps to diversify the environment. It is among the most environmentally diverse countries, making it classified as a nature reserve for many species of animals and rare plants.

There are also many parks and parks, which are an outlet for tourists and citizens. The magical nature of Malaysia with its green land, its blue waters, and its location between the two largest regions in the world, namely the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, made it a real painting drawn with a divine ability, so its Mediterranean location gained it great importance And it helped her diversify the climate, and natural resources.

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There are many tourist places, including the island of Langkawi, which consists of ninety nine small islands located in the northwest of the Malaysian peninsula, and these islands are full of interesting monuments, such as statues of princes, huge birds, warriors, legends, and others, and the Langkawi archipelago is one of the most beautiful archipelago The marine life in Southeast Asia, and the islands that contain surprising rocks, and there are great and amazing caves with sediments from ancient times.

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The beaches of the islands and its clear waters encourage all its visitors to do all marine activities in it, such as diving, where divers find a wonderful opportunity to practice their hobby in them, and there is the National Zoo that includes a group of rare and beautiful animals, and in Kuala Lumpur the visitor enjoys the water theme and its beauty, led by beauty The area is to the Twin Tower, where you can enjoy the beauty of the urban landscape during the day, and the beauty of the lights at night.

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