Where to go in Medina

المسافرون العرب

Where do you go in Medina? Learn about the various places that you can visit in Medina and advise to visit them, as it is the second most important Islamic center, and to which Muslims come in groups from around the world, and there is no dispute that the city contains many timeless Islamic monuments in addition to parks and shops where the Muslim finds everything that needs During his stay in Medina, in addition to souvenirs, we will get to know them in detail on the Arab Travelers website.

Where do you go in Medina?

Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah is considered one of the most beautiful places that you can visit to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, amidst the pleasant green gardens, and comfortable for the soul. The parks are equipped with many excellent services to entertain tourists and children. Among these wonderful gardens:

Abu Tarboush Park:

It is located on King Abdul Aziz Roads, and the park provides sessions for families, and games halls for adults and children.

Nawras Park:

Among the branches of Al Nawras Park located in Jeddah and has two branches in Madinah, the first is near Abu Tarboush Park and the second is near the Palm Garden in Al Jarf district and you will find many wonderful games for your children to enjoy.

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Al Hamra Fish Park:

Located on the immigration road after you cross the checkpoint, you will find many family sessions, games for children and adults.

King Fahd Central Park:

It is one of the largest parks in Madinah. As for its location, it is close to the Prophet’s Mosque to the south, 5 km away. It is located in the internal borders of a region with a generous land and lots of water, which makes it one of the most beautiful green areas in the region.
The most important characteristic of the garden is the presence of young trees of an organized, harmonious shape in addition to the presence of benches to enjoy the picturesque green spaces. The area of ​​green areas is 4 and a half square kilometers.

Prince Muhammad Ibn Abdulaziz Park:

It is one of the most popular parks in Medina that you should definitely visit.
As for its location, it is located in the Jebel Uhud area on the ring road, which is the reason for its high location, which guarantees at the same time the enjoyment of seeing Medina from the top, especially in the evening, the view is truly amazing.
Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz garden has places to relax between mountains, green spaces and trees that make you feel the cool breeze, despite the mountainous environment, the atmosphere is really great, which makes it a destination for many families in the summer.

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Monuments in Medina:

Medina’s fame stems from the presence of many ancient Islamic monuments in the city that started with the beginning of the Islamic state after the room of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him from Mecca to Medina. Among the most important Islamic monuments found in the city are the following:

  • Prophet’s Mosque:

It is one of the most famous Islamic timeless monuments in Madinah. It is the third of the three mosques that the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, spoke of forbidding not to travel except to visit it. This came in the honorable hadith of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri, may God be pleased with him, from the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace – that he said : (You only travel to three mosques: the Forbidden Mosque, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and this mosque).

  • Al-Baqi:

It is a place that was chosen by the beloved, so that those who die in Medina will be buried and all the wives of the Messenger and his sons and many honorable companions whose number exceeds a thousand and more, as well as many followers and religious scholars, who have contributed to the spread of Islam after The departure of the Holy Prophet was also buried there. Among the advantages of burial in Al-Baqi is that a Muslim receives the intercession of the Holy Messenger for his family and is buried near the companions and followers and the best of those who came to earth at all. God Almighty grant us this great prestige.

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  • The seven mosques:

They are mosques that were chosen by the beloved, peace and blessings be upon him, in the battle of the ditch and taken to establish tents and until now they still exist and see the place a mountain of goods and the beloved Messenger prayed in it and prayed for the enemies from the infidels of Quraysh and those who support them as he called the Holy Prophet to establish tents In this place, separately with the boundaries of the trench site, and after that mosques were built in those places

  • Friday Mosque:

The story of the construction of the Friday Mosque is similar to the seven mosques, and it was damaged several times and each time it was built again until the year 1409 AH where the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques ordered to demolish and build the mosque again, in order to increase its area and provide it with the facilities needed for services as a place where the Imam lives A place for the muezzin and what needs water courses. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has been working on providing him with a library and school to teach and memorize the provisions of the Holy Quran in addition to a prayer hall for women

  • Uhud Martyrs Cemetery:

It includes the remains of many of those who were martyred in the battle of one of God’s mercy on them and they are seventy martyrs, including Hamza, the uncle of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, and Al-Sahabi Musab bin Omair. As for its location, it is located in the northern side of the Sharif Mosque, five kilometers away near Mount Uhud, which occurred He has someone’s battle.

  • Quba Mosque:

It is the first mosque built in Islam, and the Messenger and the Companions contributed together to build it, which makes the mosque based on the fear of God and guidance. God Almighty said in his book: “A mosque was founded on piety” from the first day that it is worthy of you to pray to it. Cleansers)

Malls in Medina:

We will show you the most beautiful malls in Medina and some popular markets that you can not miss to visit because they contain everything you need of high quality and international brands

Al Noor Mall:

Its location in King Abdullah Street on the second ring, it includes one hundred and seventy-seven shops selling clothes, cosmetics and precious gifts in addition to the presence of a hall dedicated to restaurants and cafes and you will find a supermarket that contains everything you want to buy, which makes it one of the best malls in the city.

High mall:

You will find many international shops, whether you want to buy shoes, clothes, or accessories in high quality, at a reasonable price, and at the same time you will find on the date many distinctive restaurants and very luxurious cafes on a global level.

Al Rashid Mega Mall:

Among the largest malls in Madinah, which includes a hundred and twenty-five shops of international brands in addition to the presence of a lot of restaurants of a distinct nature and the presence of an internal space that curses a ship that allocates family meetings. As for the Al-Rashid Mega Mall site it is located on King Abdullah Road on the second ring

Mall advantages:

It is one of the best malls ever. As for its location, it is located on King Fahd Road, north of the Holy Prophet’s Mosque. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive commercial complexes in Madinah. It consists of two floors and what distinguishes it is that in addition to clothes, shoes and accessories, you will find what your house lacks of different luggage and supplies.

Intercontinental Complex:

Among the largest malls in Medina, you will find in addition to the global clothes and elegant shoes you need, very luxurious home furniture and electronic devices in addition to games for children and adults, and for the formation of the Continent Complex, it includes several floors and is equipped with an elevator and escalators, which is located at the intersection of El Ayoun Road on The second ring.



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