Where to go in Oman

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Places worth visiting in Amman

There are many places worth visiting in Amman, including the following:

  • Castle MountainThis castle is considered one of the most visited places in Amman, and it is characterized by the presence of a large number of monuments and historical sites, where a visitor can go to the Temple of Hercules, the Byzantine Church, the Umayyad Palace, the National Archaeological Museum, and others.
  • Roman Theater: The construction of this theater dates back to the era of the Roman Empire, and the theater can accommodate approximately 6000 people. It is worth noting here that the theater was recently rebuilt in order to host summer performances.
  • Jabal Amman: This region is famous for its buildings, historical monuments, and architectural works dating back to the early twentieth century. At present, the region contains several markets, museums, cafes, and small shops.

Oman festivals

The art scene in Amman is considered one of the most famous things that display some festivals. Every summer, thousands of revelers come to King Hussein Park, which presents the Amman Summer Festival. This festival is represented by music, arts, and dance shows, and in May the visitor can go to see the masterpieces of the arts It will be displayed at the Baladk Street Festival, and the French-Arab Film Festival will display a set of French-Arab productions in July, and in November, drama scenes will be presented at the European Film Festival.

Oman markets

Visitors to the city of Amman roam around its winding markets, where there are sellers of souvenirs, souvenirs, lanterns, jewelry, and antiques that are displayed in the Bukhari market in the center of the Jordanian capital. Also, you can visit the Jordanian Folklore Museum and the Museum of Popular Traditions, which are located inside the Roman Theater, and display Jordanian and Palestinian fashion and jewelry.

Oman mosques

It is advisable to visit the mosques of Amman, where it possesses the Islamic architecture, which dates back from ancient times to the modern era, and there are 4 high-rise minarets, including:

  • King Hussein Mosque, which has a pink and white color, and which was rebuilt on the site of an old mosque dating back to the year 64, and was built in the Ottoman style, in 1932 AD, and it is worth noting that the number of worshipers in this mosque increases on Fridays and during the holy month of Ramadan, so that they go out To pray in the streets surrounding the mosque.
  • King Abdullah Mosque, which has a turquoise dome, and is a memorial to the grandfather of the late King Hussein. The mosque is distinguished by its dome decorated with Qur’anic inscriptions. The mosque accommodates thousands of worshipers.
  • Abu Darwish Mosque: It is located east of Jabal Al Ashrafieh, and it is characterized by its façade, which is built of white and black stones.

Dead Sea

Visitors go to the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, and rest under the white umbrellas, where the Dead Sea is considered the lowest spot on the ground, and is characterized by its high salinity, and the clay floating above the mineral-rich waters, which are used for therapeutic purposes, and visitors can also stop in the ancient town of Madaba ; To enjoy sightseeing dating back to the Byzantine era, especially the mosaic collection, as well as witnessing its religious diversity.

About Amman

The Jordanian capital is considered one of the most populated cities in Jordan, with a population of more than one million, and it is said that the origin of Amman is the ancient Ammon, and the city is distinguished by its economic prosperity, as it is classified among the highest cities in the continent of Asia and North Africa in the economic field, as the city is characterized by its activity Political and cultural, and it is noteworthy that the city has been known since ancient times for agriculture and trade, in addition to its participation in a series of wars, and in recent times Oman has witnessed economic and cultural growth due to population growth and the flow of large numbers of people to it.


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