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Man needs to visit the tourist areas to try to entertain himself and get rid of fatigue, exhaustion and psychological pressures, and then he regains his activity and enthusiasm for work, because the human body is composed of devices that must be provided to rest in order to be able to carry out their work to the fullest.

Mental health is the main entry point for the rest of the various organs of the body; severe pressures cause many diseases and cause laziness, lethargy and lack of desire to do various tasks, but when a person breaks the routine that he is used to daily by visiting a tourist site, this renews the activity of the body. When a person wants to entertain himself, he must search for areas far from the sources of pollution, whether natural such as air pollution, or industrial noise such as cars and factories, and from these areas that meet the purpose of the Salzburg region.


Salzburg is located in Austria, it is the largest city in it, as it is the capital of the Federal State of Salzburg, and is located near the alpine chain, which gave it the advantage of its many scenic landscapes. The climate in Salzburg is moderate and it is among the continental climate. Also, due to its proximity to the Alps and the abundant amounts of rain that fall, tourism has flourished greatly.

Sightseeing in Salzburg

Salzburg Region is characterized by many archeological and natural tourist sites, among these sites are:

Old town

It is the center of the city of Salzburg, where UNICEF added it from among the global archaeological sites in 1996, and a visitor can find in this town many important sites to enjoy watching and take memorial photos such as the Salzburg Cathedral and the Hohen Castle, which overlooks the old city; it is one of the largest castles In Europe, the Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche), St. Peter’s Monastery, Benedictine Monastery, Art Museum, Residenz Hotel, University Church, and Getreidegasse Street.

Outside the old town

Among the areas outside the old city are the Mirabell Palace, which is surrounded by extensive gardens planted with beautiful flowers, the Sebastiansfriedhof cemetery, the Rococo Palace and the National Historic Monument of Heilbronn, and many gardens and archaeological castles, and there are many other archaeological sites in Salberg, such as Anif Castle, the shrine of Our Lady of Maria, the Baroque Church, and the Salzburger Freilichtmuseum Großgmain; this museum is characterized by the presence of historical old farms, and is located in the open air, and there is the resort located in the mountain which is Bergof resort.

For those who like to ski and see the view of the snowy Alps on it by visiting Mount Unterberg, there is a series of lakes called the Golden Triangle, and there is the zoo that contains different types of animals.

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