Where to go in Sharm El Sheikh

المسافرون العرب

Tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh

There are many tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh, including:

  • Ras Mohamed National Park: Surrounded by the most exciting diving sites in the world, this reserve is home to excellent diving and beaches in the sea, and has the second largest forest in the world, in addition to the salt water lake.
  • Ne’ema bay: The resort center of Sharm El Sheikh is surrounded by a white sand beach and palm trees, and has many restaurants, souvenir shops, and cafes.
  • Shark’s Bay: It is located to the north of Naama Bay, and includes some of the most luxurious resorts and five-star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, and is the place where tourists go to relax and be completely calm.
  • Old Sharm Market: It is the market area (the bazaar) of the city, and many Arab lamps can be found in it, in addition to traditional hookah pipes and carved wood.
  • Coral Gardens: Coral gardens extend off the coast and are located at the northern end of Naama Bay.
  • Nabeek Reserve: It is a reserve of arid beauty and has coastal desert scenery, and is home to mangrove forests that are located in the far north.
  • City stars Sharm El Sheikh: It has the largest swimming pool in the world and is in fact a man-made lake located in the Red Sea, which is the hub of this resort.

Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an important city located in Egypt in the Sinai region, and it has a highly developed tourism infrastructure, and there are all types of hotels to suit the needs of tourists, in addition to that it is considered one of the tropical regions where singing, dancing and celebrations abound. Culture in this part of the world reflects the life of the Bedouins, so it is considered interesting and unique.

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General information about Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in North Africa and southwestern Asia, and shares its borders with the Gaza Strip, Israel, Sudan and Libya, and it also has water borders along the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Egypt is considered the fifteenth country with the most population in the world, with a population of more than 92 million, and an area of ​​about 390,120.66 square miles.
Egypt is considered a cradle of civilization, since since ancient times it has witnessed extraordinary developments in the fields of writing, civilization and agriculture, in addition to issues related to the central government, and Egypt also contains wonderful archaeological monuments such as the Sphinx, Giza Cemetery, Valley of the Kings and other monuments.

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