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Switzerland is located in the western part of Europe, where it is bordered on the north by Germany, on the west by France, while on the south it is bordered by Italy, on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein.

the climate

The climate in Switzerland is generally moderate, and the northern regions are exposed to some cold currents due to the presence of the Alps which divide the country into a western and an eastern one. The higher the region in Switzerland, the lower the temperature there, the more precipitation will occur, and the tallest mountain peaks will be covered in snow throughout the year.


Tourism in Switzerland is very active due to the beautiful landscapes and mild climate, where it is active in the summer and weak in the winter, despite the presence of winter sports such as skiing and snow mountain climbing. Tourism is part of Switzerland’s economic income, as there are many summer and winter resorts that are suitable for visitors of all nationalities and origins.

The most famous tourist places

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so many tourists resort to it for visiting and self-entertainment, and today we will present the best tourist places in Switzerland:


It is one of the most popular tourist areas in Switzerland, and it is located on the italyn-Swiss border, where it is characterized by the purity of the air in it because the visitor leaves his car before entering the city and replaces it with an electric car or horse as a means of transportation as there is no contaminated car smoke.


It is a border city with Italy so it is closer to the italyn character in terms of language and habits of the population, and there is a beautiful lake and cafes spread over large areas of it, whoever wants to visit Italy, the city of Lugano is the best option for him, because he can reach the italyn city of Combo in half hour.


It is one of the most visited cities for tourists, as a tourist can find what he is looking for in this city, and among its most prominent areas:

  • Lauterburn Valley: This area is characterized by the presence of beautiful lakes and waterfalls, small hotels and some residences, and it is the closest thing to a small village where large hotels are not available.
  • Brindwald: Who loves to practice winter sports. The Brindwald region is one of the best suitable destinations, it is a high and cool region, as it is one of the quiet areas where the night is still and this is what made it a destination for those looking for relaxation, calm and comfort from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visitors to Switzerland can also visit different lakes to enjoy the beauty of their nature. The most famous of these lakes are Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and Blue Lake.

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