Where to go in Tbilisi

المسافرون العرب


Abanotubani is considered the old town in Tbilisi, and one of the best places worth visiting, as it is a central historical landmark in the country, and in this place the falcon of King Vakhtang I of Iberia fell into hot water, and this led to the discovery of hot springs rich in natural sulfur, and after The capital of the country was established, and its name is associated with this incident, the word (tbili) in Georgian means warmth, and it is indicated that the oldest neighborhood in the capital offers many attractions, including: Narikala Fortress, Mitchici Bridge, mother of the Georgians, old residential buildings, etc.

Georgia Museum

The archaeological treasury is one of the most important monuments in the National Museum of Georgia, where this treasury displays a wealth of gold, silver, and precious stones dating back to the third millennium BC, in addition to the presence of wonderful and exciting golden ornamentations from Colchis in western Georgia, and the museum displays exhibits Temporary of its wide collections, including Asian art, and historical photography.

Flea market

The flea market is distinguished by the wonderful group of goods that the sellers offer, which is jewelry, antiques, and old home accessories, and when the weather is good, the market opens daily, and at the weekend the sellers are increasing, and it is reported that the locals were coming to this market to sell their property, And earn a little money.

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Narikala Fortress

The history of Narikala Castle dates back to the fourth century, and it was like a Persian castle, and in the eighth century the Arab princes built most of its walls, where their palace was inside this castle, and after that Narikala fell under the control of the Georgians, Turks, and Persians, and in 1827 AD there was a huge explosion of ammunition Russian storehouse in it, and in the nineties the St. Nicholas Church inside the castle was rebuilt, with funding from the police chief.

Other places in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has many places to visit, including the following:

  • Parliament and government buildings.
  • Tbilisi State Institute.
  • Tbilisi Opera Theater.
  • Rustaveli Academic Theater Museum.
  • Samba Cathedral.
  • Vorontsov Palace.
  • Anchishatti Church, which was built in the sixteenth century.
  • Sioni Cathedral, which was built in the eighth century.
  • Metekhi Church, which was built in the thirteenth century.
  • Clock tower: one of the most ancient structures in Tbilisi.
  • The Peace Bridge, a pedestrian bridge designed by italyn Michele De Lucci, and in 2010 it opened.
  • Botanical Gardens: It opened in 1845, and these gardens are full of trees, overlooking the waterfall, and extend over the valley and below the slopes of Narikala Castle for a distance of more than one kilometer, and therefore easy to walk around.

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