Where to go in the summer

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located in California and is characterized by moderate temperatures during the day and cold nights, and thus is a suitable place in the summer days, and provides many activities that visitors can do, including walking on long-distance paths, And visit ski resorts that provide visitors with many activities, such as mountain biking, and tram rides, which allow the opportunity to enjoy the scenic lakeside.

Formentera Island

Formentera follows the Balearic Islands, and a short ferry trip from Abitha Island. Formentera is famous for its calm and natural landscape, which lies in its turquoise waters, and its white sand beaches filled with palm trees. This island also provides visitors with an opportunity to get to know the way of life in the Mediterranean.

Sete Town

Set is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the south of France. It is a historic city that possesses identity, culture, and history. It is famous for its ancient port that is still used today. You can visit this city to enjoy the World Music Festival and Convenanza Festival, which attracts many music lovers. in Europe.

The city of Lisbon

The city of Lisbon is one of the most popular attractions in Portugal that can be visited in the summer, as this city is famous for its hospitality and delicious meals, and tourists can visit many historical buildings, such as the São George Castle, the Santa Justa elevator, and the April 25 bridge, and some can be spent The time on a quick beach trip is twenty minutes from the city.

City of Miami

Miami is one of the most famous attractions in California, and it is a wonderful coastal destination, so visitors can explore the area by visiting Cali Ocho Street, visiting South Beach Summer, or visiting Everglades National Park to see crocodiles, turtles, and many distinct birds.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is located in Slovenia, and it is one of the most famous summer tourist destinations, where visitors can enjoy sunbathing during the day, in addition to enjoying the scenic lakes of the lake, as it is surrounded by mountains with emerald color from all sides, and this lake provides many summer activities, such as : Mountain biking, water sports, hiking.

The city of Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain is one of the most vibrant tourist destinations, as the beaches of this city attract tourists and locals, especially during the months of June and July, and tourists can enjoy the sunshine on the beach, or get to know many tourist places, such as the Sagrada Familia Church and the Jewel Park .


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