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Where to go tourism in London and what are the most beautiful tourist places in England, planning travel and tourism in one of the European countries and you have not decided your destination yet and feel confused how to choose, so we advise you to head to the British capital London, the city of fog. If you are looking for a calm atmosphere and love to spend your time enjoying the natural scenery, London is an ideal choice for you, and if you like visiting museums and learning about history, London is also an ideal destination for you, and if you like the modern atmosphere and love learning about the different arts and cultures, London will be your best choice to spend your time however You will, London can satisfy all tastes, then London is distinguished by the diversity of its cultures, and by combining historical and modern modern environments.
And if you were visiting London for the first time, or had previously visited it but did not know how you can spend your time there, the site of Arab travelers today offers you everything you want to know about London, how you enjoy spending your time there and what you should beware of.

Where are the most beautiful places in London?

  • There are many places to visit in London, but there are places that you cannot miss, especially if you do not intend to return to them again.
  • There are also many things that you should avoid in order not to waste your time and money while it does not benefit you.
  • Below we will mention the best places to visit and what to avoid in detail.

The most famous tourist place in London

Big Ben clock

  • One of the most famous and most visited sights in London, where thousands of people visit it every day.
  • Big Ben watch was built in the eighteenth century.
  • It is distinguished by its luxurious architectural style.
  • You can enjoy seeing it and taking memorial photos in Big Ben Square.
  • Also Buckingham Palace is very close to it so you can visit after you end your tour there.

Tower Bridge

  • The most famous bridge in the world.
  • It is a moving bridge connecting the two banks of the Thames.
  • It consists of two towers connected by a pedestrian walkway on the upper floor.
  • It took ten years to build, 65 meters high, and 244 meters long.
  • You can enjoy seeing London from over the bridge.
  • You can also visit the famous Tower of London, it is very close to it.

London Tower

  • Also known as the London Castle, it is one of the historical castles located in central London.
  • It was built in the nineteenth century to become a symbol of the power of the ruling family.
  • You can enjoy magnificent views of London from the white tower of the castle.
  • It consists of three sections:
  • The white tower is one of the oldest buildings in the castle.
  • The inner wing of the castle.
  • The outer wing of the castle.
  • London Eye

    • In Arabic it is called the London Eye, and it is also famous for the London Wheel.
    • One of the most popular places for many entertainment.
    • It won bronze as the best entertainment place to attract visitors.
    • Established in 1951 as one of the manifestations of celebration of the British Festival.
    • You can enjoy watching London during your 30-minute wheel ride.

    The most famous museums in London

    Science Museum

    • A museum specialized in displaying inventions and scientific pieces.
    • Initially it included all kinds of arts until it was separated in 1906 to specialize in scientific matters only.
    • It is one of the largest museums in London and one of the most visited museums.
    • You can spend your time watching documentaries through 4D screens located on the ground floor.
    • It has an experimental flight simulator in outer space.
    • You can also participate in interactive discussions in the interactive hall and hear and exchange views on various scientific matters.

    The British Museum

    • It is the most visited museum for nine years in a row.
    • It contains 13 million artifacts for different civilizations around the world.
    • It was created in 1753 and opened four years later.
    • You can see rare and distinctive artifacts in the museum.
    • It also includes departments dealing with zoology, human lines and botany.

    Natural History Museum

    • It is one of the three largest museums in London.
    • It contains more than a million samples of different organisms.
    • It was created in 1881.
    • It includes figures of the largest creatures of all sizes.
    • It houses a courtyard displaying structures of extinct dinosaurs.
    • It contains a huge globe model.

    Wax Museum

    • It includes statues made of wax for celebrities of various nationalities around the world.
    • You can take commemorative photos with celebrities that you love, and they are crafted with high resolution that makes them closer to the truth.
    • The first section includes pictures of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie.
    • The second section includes political and sports figures.
    • The third section includes scary statues of massacres that took place during the French Revolution. It is not recommended to accompany children in this section.

    London’s best parks

    London has a large collection of parks, offering you the most exclusive ones.

    Alexandra Park

    • It is named after Alexandra Palace.
    • It features a lake in the middle of it with some water birds, you can enjoy watching the lake by taking a boat tour.
    • If you like sports, the park includes football and golf courses, and a covered ski area.
    • It includes a flower garden with a collection of exquisite flowers.
    • Some of it is also devoted to children, and includes a range of fun games that they can enjoy.

    Holland Park

    • It features scenic landscapes that spreads around the place.
    • One of the most suitable places to calm nerves.
    • Dotted with many ponds.
    • It also includes a group of birds and animals.
    • There is a part called the Japanese Garden, which is a gift from Japan.

    Hyde Park

    • Located in central London.
    • It is located on an area of ​​400 acres.
    • It is famous for its trees and it includes more than 4000 trees.
    • It has an oval shape.
    • There are many memorials like Princess Diana’s memorial.
    • It has a large lake where you can spend some time taking a boat tour.
    • It has a city of recreational games.
    • It includes a group of rare plants and trees.


    • One of the most famous zoos in the world.
    • It includes a large group of rare animals, which makes it a popular destination for a large number of tourists.
    • Do not follow the traditional way of displaying animals in cages. As you walk around the park, you can see animals that do not pose a threat to humans at large, as if they were in their natural environment.
    • It contains more than 600 different types of birds and animals.

    Things to avoid in London

    Go for tourist restaurants

    • Food in tourist restaurants costs a lot of money. You can save this money to visit many places.
    • You can shop at the supermarket to get food at cheap prices.
    • You can also go to the most popular restaurants that offer good food at reasonable prices.

    Overpaying tips

    • Giving tips is not necessarily a norm and should be done in London.
    • You can only give tips if you get a really great service if you want to. Otherwise, you better save your money.

    Hotel accommodation in the city end

    • When choosing a hotel for a stay, be sure to be close to the center of London.
    • This saves him a lot of money that you will spend on transportation to move to the places you want to visit.
    • Instead of spending most of your time on the road instead of enjoying it.

    Dependence on the subway for mobility

    • You will miss many sights that you can enjoy watching if you depend on the subway.
    • Also, domestic transportation is less expensive compared to the metro.
    • And many famous places of London are close to each other so you can walk on foot and enjoy the streets of London.

    Book in advance

    • There are many attractions that require tickets to enter.
    • You can save you the hassle of queuing and saving your money by pre-booking from these places’ websites.

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