Who built the city of Kairouan?

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Uqba ibn Nafi, who built the city of Kairouan

The Muslim leader, Uqba ibn Nafi, built the city of Kairouan during his first time on the African continent, and continued to build it for a period of five years, and the designation of Kairouan means the camp of the soldiers; It was during the presence of Muslims in the depths of Africa and Morocco, and that is why the location of the city of Kairouan was appropriate and far from the coast and from the raids of the Byzantines, as well as far from the depths of Morocco and the raids of the barbarians.

Kairouan city planning

Kairouan was previously built by Mu’awiya bin Hadij, but Uqba bin Nafi did not like the location of Kairouan in the past, and therefore he began to build the new Kairouan, and he planned to build Kairouan according to the Islamic style. They are always in the heart of the city, and there is a main street between them, called the Great Samsam, and made an obstacle a vacuum around the mosque and the emirate’s house, and this vacuum is a wide circle, then the land was divided into a plan for the tribes; so that it remains a major street in both directions, and until the end of the city And the Berbers were brought to the tar That in many ways in Africa, and lived around, and a number of them embraced the religion of Islam and learned Arabic, the Koran, and their religion.

Facts about Kairouan

The city of Kairouan is located in the north and center of Tunisia, and it is one of the holy Islamic cities. The city of Kairouan stretches along the alluvial low plains in the Tunisian lands, with an area of ​​3,712 square kilometers. The city is also famous for its leather products, olive production, ceramic tools, local handicrafts, as well as the exquisite carpets that are worth buying.


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