Who built the pyramids?

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Who built the pyramids

When the talk about adolescents comes, the first thing that comes to mind is the listeners (the Pharaohs) whose name was associated with the pyramids as a result of the stories and sayings that they claimed to have built, is this information true or false?

You may be surprised, dear reader, when you will know that the people who built the pyramids are the people who are not the Pharaohs, and we have collected for you Some of the evidence to prove this is true

The Pharaohs built five Castles in the city of Sinai Of clay and not of stones, so why is this even though they are supposed to build it according to all their strength

that The size of the stones It is used in building the pyramids starting from cubic meters and some of them have reached tens of cubic nitrates. As for their weights, they have reached a thousand tons in some of them. Dealing with these amazing numbers only giants like the people of Aad, as the length of each of them was up to 15 meters
It is also impossible for a winch made by the Pharaohs to lift stones of these sizes

And from the evidence that the people of Aad are the ones who built these pyramids It says in the Holy Quran From that they have usually left buildings for us to be a lesson to those behind them {usual and stagnation, and it has been revealed to you from their dwellings the spider: 38, {then they became visible only to the dwellings of those who are:

What the pharaohs themselves provided Confessions and statements That they are not the builders of the pyramids and that those who built the pyramids are other people of great and unique strength
And that is in the text of the prishta, which was carved on the statue of the ape deity Thothyhotep
Which reads as follows: [ قوة ذراع الواحد من بناة الأهرام بألف رجل ]

People were revere Star of poetry And they built those pyramids as a sign
The Almighty said: {And He is the Lord of the Poetry * And that He destroyed your family, The First Star: 49-50


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