Who is Tutankhamun?

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Tutankhamen is known to be one of the eighteenth pharaohs of the 18th Egyptian family, whose meaning means according to the hieroglyphic language – the language of the ancient Egyptians – the living image of the god Amun, the greatest god of the ancient Egyptian state, is the son of King Akhenaten and his mother Nefertiti, and one of the studies says that he died killed while he was in his prime His youth, and his death is considered the oldest political assassination in human history.

The life of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun was born in the year one thousand and forty-one B.C., and he assumed the throne of Egypt after the death of his older brother, Smenkh Kare, at an early age, when he was only nine years old, he married Ankh Amun, and he had two ministers, the first was Khubar, and Ra I He married his widow after his death, and the second was Hur, Moheb.

The death of Tutankhamun

The mystery of Tutankhamun’s death is still confusing scientists to this day, as historical indications indicate that his minister, Ra Ay, orchestrated his murder, in the year one thousand three hundred and twenty BC, in the hope of ascending to the throne of Egypt, where he died hitting his head and breaking In his thigh, while Tutankhamun’s wife had sent a message to the Hittite king inviting him to send one of his sons to marry her, and that was it.

But Minister Ra Ay also killed him before his arrival to the outskirts of Egypt, and he married the widow of Tutankhamun, and thus seized the throne and succeeded his position, Minister Hor Moheb, who intentionally destroyed everything related to the period of Tutankhamun’s rule, and he found one of the seals bearing The name of Ra Ay and Ankh Amon Amun together, which reinforces his belief in his death by the conspiracy of his minister.

Whereas, one of his studies on his mummy indicates that he died as a result of an infection caused by a broken thigh. Another study also showed that the cause of his death at an early age was due to a genetic genetic disease known as Marvin syndrome.

The latest studies indicated that his death was due to malaria and septicemia due to a fractured thigh, bleeding in the skull, and genetic disease.

Discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb

The tomb of Tutankhamun is a rocky valley known as the Valley of the Kings, which includes twenty-seven boundaries of the Kings of Pharaonic families, hence its name, discovered by the British scientist Howard Carter, who specializes in archaeological excavations, in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three AD.

A special room was found in the golden sarcophagus of Amen, who keeps his mummy in three boxes engraved and decorated with gold, and was shrouded in luxurious silk and with his jewels, rings and special crown, in addition to many of his personal holdings made of pure gold, and precious stones which are considered the most important treasures in Egyptian history .


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