The disease is always annoying, but it is more annoying during travel because it causes countless problems, for example searching for reliable hospitals and doctors to conduct analyzes and examinations, spending the money allocated to enjoy during the trip on medical expenses and the worst is definitely that it deprives you of tourism and visiting the monuments and merging with companions Travel.

Why do we get sick while traveling?

There are several reasons that may lead to disease during travel and the best advice for dealing with all of them is “prevention”: –

Using tap water for drinking

Perhaps extravagance in drinking from tap water is the main cause of disease while traveling, although tap water is OK if you are a resident of a long time in the same country !! The idea here is that tap water has different types of bacteria that you can resist identifying and resisting the body But after a while this is not available to the tourist. So the advice is not to waste too much from drinking the water directly from the tap, and he must either rely on canned mineral water or boil the water before use.practical-jumbo

Infection in the plane

It comes second to the causes of diseases while traveling in contact with the parts of the plane that transmit the infection such as the seat pocket, food tray, armrest and toilet !! Many travelers believe that the planes are well sterilized, or cleaned in a way that prevents the transmission of infection, but the opposite is true, there is not enough time Between every flight and another, a plane’s disinfection process, and therefore contact with many people from different environments and varying health conditions in the same place, may make it a fertile environment for microbes.

Ignore drinking water

Water is a key component of human formation, so the body needs a steady amount of it daily, especially when exposed to arduous and unusual physical conditions such as travel, which requires greater effort, whether traveling, visiting tourist attractions, or staying up late. Ignoring to drink the required amount of water daily while traveling will not only cause feeling Fatigue and fatigue, but it will make the body’s immunity weaker and more susceptible to infection, while the possibility of rapid recovery will decrease.

Lack of sleep and more caffeine

We can say that a lot of drinking enough water and sleeping are a weapon for the tourist not to get sick while traveling. Whenever the tourist is able to give his body the necessary and necessary hours of sleep, it helps his immune system to respond strongly attacks and enjoy adequate fitness to resist diseases and even quick recovery from them if they occur.1hand-cleaner

Lack of interest in sterilizing hands

We do not invite you to be obsessed with hygiene in general, but of course we mean that when traveling, you touch two polluted areas, and you deal with financial currencies, and you use the door handles of hotels, cars, etc. These are all places that spread in microbes and transmit infection easily to the traveler whose immune system is subject to unusual circumstances We recommend that you keep a bottle of sterile material to use in cleaning your hands whenever you touch something or a person and before eating especially for children.

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