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The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The reason for building the Great Wall of China is due to the protection of the northern borders of China from nomadic attacks, as this wall has become a permanent barrier to separate the Han Chinese agricultural from the south, and the nomadic herders in the north, where it was built by the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuangdi, the emperor, in 214 BC, was credited with the restoration and repair work of the wall.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall Of China is one of the largest buildings constructed in China, as it consists of several walls parallel to each other built from about two thousand years across northern China and southern Mongolia, where the wall extends an estimated distance of 8,850 kilometers from Mount Hu in the east, to the Jiayuquan crossing in the west, along which there are hilltops and mountains along it, and about a quarter of its length consists of natural features such as rivers and mountain peaks, and the rest of the wall is considered to be constructed, forming small parts The remainder of it is a group of trenches, although large parts of the wall are in H A ruin, but it is still impressive monuments on the ground, has been chosen as a World Heritage of UNESCO in 1987.

History of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built over a long period of time, as it was not built in one go. In the period between the sixth and seventh centuries B.C. The soul, where the state of Chu was the first to build the wall, and during the Qin dynasty the parts of the empire were unified and made one part, and in order to protect themselves from the invaders; the Emperor ordered Qin Shi Huang to make all the walls connected to form together the Wall of China The great.
During the various periods of time, the Chinese worked to rebuild, restore, and extend it, as they collaborated for more than two thousand years in restructuring and restructuring, and a large part of it was built during the Ming Dynasty in the period between the years 1368 CE-1644 CE.

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