Why you should visit Azerbaijan

المسافرون العرب

Earth of Fire / Eurasian crucible

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, in which the “Land of Fire” meets the unique “mud volcanoes”. Azerbaijan offers its visitors a lot as a fast destination on weekends from the Middle East thanks to its amazing heritage sites, wonderful souvenirs and delicious halal food, through the experience of medical spa treatment to the finest clay volcanoes, not to mention the launch of a picnic to the cities of Baku and Sheki with their rich heritage The opportunity for skiing for adventure seekers in the famous Shahdag Ski Resort.
Azerbaijan is one of the largest and most populated areas in the South Caucasus, and it blends its modern European face with its ancient historical spirit. The city of Baku has developed rapidly as a modern global capital boasting a unique blend of heritage sites inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and modern architectural styles.
Your holiday in Azerbaijan is not complete if you do not savor delicious Azerbaijani cuisine. Meat and poultry occupy a prominent place in all halal food items such as kebabs, minced meat and many delicious dishes. Betty risotto is a soup of lamb cooked in a pot of pottery and a chicken rolling or fish stuffed with chopped nuts among the delicious dishes worthy of taste. You can view the delicious dishes by clicking here
Azerbaijan is witnessing a pleasant climate throughout the year, which has contributed to a remarkable recovery in tourism activity in recent years. Azerbaijan has slowly and steadily established its feet, occupying a privileged position among Middle Eastern tourists, especially Dubai. The journey from Dubai to this unique country takes only 3 hours for the duration of the trip!

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Why does Azerbaijan deserve a visit?

In the event that the strange name does not elicit sufficient interest and curiosity, here are a number of other reasons for packing your luggage and embarking on a trip to “The Land of Fire” this December:
• You will arrive in Azerbaijan in a short time: It takes only 3 hours to reach Baku from Dubai.
• Easy, hassle-free visa: Never worry about obtaining a visa to enter Azerbaijan, as you will get it very easily and without any hassle at all. Arab Travelers will also help you obtain it before traveling and it will be stamped upon your arrival at Azerbaijan Airport.
• Give your mind some peace and relaxation and relax your body: Azerbaijan is an ideal destination for the comfort of the soul, mind and body, and the unique Naftalan Oil Resort (Naftalan Oil contains unique healing properties that are unparalleled in the world) is an ideal place for treatment.
Perfect weekend getaway destination: Azerbaijan is an ideal destination to see the fascinating heritage sites and take a shopping tour to collect souvenirs.
• Nice sunny climate: Although Azerbaijan includes 9 climatic regions out of 11 global climate regions, you will enjoy a pleasant sunny climate in December.
• Savor many halal foods: Meat and poultry occupy a prominent place in all halal food dishes in Azerbaijan, such as kebabs, minced meat and others. Whereas pancakes, soups and bread dishes are a major part of the daily Azerbaijani cuisine. Apples, cherries, grapes, melons, berries, peaches and peaches are among the famous fruits growing in the country. While sweet black tea or Azerbaijani sherbet drink is very popular in the country.
The largest closed lake in the world: The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world, extending over an area of ​​3,71,000 square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 1025 meters. It is called the sea due to its crust that characterizes the ocean floor.
• Land of Fire: In ancient times, Azerbaijan was known as the Land of Fire, and the Absuran Peninsula is full of oil and gas. The burning of gas outlets on its surface is a mystery and attracts tourists to it from all over the world.
Mud volcanoes: Azerbaijan contains more than 350 clay volcanoes out of 800 volcanoes in the world, and thousands of tourists flock to Azerbaijan every year to see this amazing explosion of mud volcanoes.
• The unique and unparalleled capital of Baku: Baku boasts stunning landscapes, beautiful alleys, cozy cafes and many entertainment centers for children and adults.
Distinguished Modern Architecture: You have definitely heard of the flame towers! They are three towers in the form of burning flames, which are the jewel of modern architecture in Azerbaijan.
Sheki, the capital of silk in Azerbaijan: The city of Sheki is famous for its craftsmen and merchants since ancient times, and the merchants of the Great Silk Road countries come to it from all over the world.
• Ski at Shahdaj Ski Resort: If you are a fan of skiing, head to the spectacular Shahdag Mountain Resort, which features multiple ski slopes for all levels of all players. This resort is located at a high altitude exceeding 2500 meters above sea level, and it also has professional trainers. In addition, you can ski snowboard and ride glacier vehicles if you love action. Children can also go quad biking and fun castles, as well as fun winter activities for skiing in exciting floats.
Do you know?
• The magnificent Sheki Khan Palace (eighteenth century) is one of the architectural pearls in the entire city of Sheki and Azerbaijan. It is said that not a single nail was used in the construction of this palace, which contains elegant murals and impressive decorative windows.
Azerbaijan contains 9 climatic regions out of 11 global climate regions. From the dry and humid subtropical climate (in Lankaran) to the icebergs (the huge Caucasus highlands), Azerbaijan is rich in its climate as well.
• Lamb, beef and poultry are the top of the Azerbaijani dishes, and saffron has a special popularity and is used in more than 50 local dishes. Azerbaijanis also prefer long bread and lava (flat bread) in bakery dishes.

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