Wimbledon 2016 championship in London!

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London, the capital of Britain, is famous for preserving its ancient traditions and customs. At the same time, it is a testament to England’s ancient past and culture, and to the country that was once known as the empire that the sun never sets. Today, only the echoes of ancient memories and traditions remain of that vast empire.
One of those traditions is the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, which was held for the first time in 1877 AD, and is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament ever.
Weldon is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis, along with the Australian, France and United States open tournaments, and is the first among the rest of the tournaments and is played annually on grass tennis courts at the All England Lawn tennis and cricket club. The championship traditions include the commitment of all participants to white clothing in full, and it is also famous for the intense competition, and the most popular and attended tennis tournaments by celebrities, politicians, members of the British royal family and other prominent personalities.
This year’s Wimbledon 130th edition matches will take place between June 27 and July 10 in the pleasant mid-summer of England, and the matches will not be less than competitive. Serbian Novak Djokovic will seek to defend his third title at Wimbledon, while Englishman Andy Murray will try to regain the taste of victory over Wimbledon after he won the title last time in 2013, and of course there is the legend Roger Federer, who holds the record seven Wimbledon championships, and do not forget the winner of the champions Rafael Nadal. Twice during his career. In the women’s competition, Serena Williams will defend her title again in the absence of Maria Sharapova.
The opponents will see each other again, and the heroes will be crowned at the end of Wimbledon 2016, the perfect time for any tennis fan to visit the British capital!

London – where global cultures meet

In addition to the exciting Wimbledon championship matches, London offers countless options of cultural attractions that can be seen through a trip to the River Thames, which is located on the banks of historic London buildings such as the London Bridge, Tower of London, Parliament Buildings, Shakespeare Theater, Big Ben clock and Westminster Bridge.

London Tower – British architectural icon

Visiting the Tower of London is one of the things that must be done while you are in the city, it includes the jewelry of the British Crown and in it you will see the closing ceremonies of the famous gates. The ceremony to replace the guards at Buckingham Palace is also an essential part of the London experience along with Trafalgar Square (Trafalgar).

Warner Brothers Studio Tour – A Journey to the World of Filmmaking

If you are traveling with your children, the Warner Brothers studio tour is an indispensable opportunity to see amazing locations from Harry Potter films, such as the Dagon Pass, the 9 ¾ platform, and the Hogwarts Express. There are several other interesting tours in London like the famous Jack the Ripper and the London Ghost Tour, to experience a different face of the city.

Madame Tussauds – Museum of wax sculptures

Young and old alike enjoy visiting the famous Madame Tussauds and London’s Zoo. The museum has a large collection of real-life candle sculptures for many of the world stars, including actors, musicians, politicians and athletes. As for the London Zoo and the London Aquarium, they are one of the most interesting places that will ensure you and your children have an unforgettable visit.

London – the city of museums

London is famous for its museums, from the British Museum, which contains an amazing collection of precious artifacts from all over the world, to the contemporary Tate Gallery and Museum, which has always been at the forefront of the interests of any interested in the arts, or if you want to know more about the difficult days of daily life that London lived during the World War Second, you should visit the Churchill War Rooms Museum. To learn about the splendor of London and the features of its imperial history, visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the HMS Belfast Museum, the Science Museum and the London Transportation Museum.

Theater, drama and Shakespeare plays

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is the premier destination for poetry and literary lovers, where masterpieces of William Shakespeare’s original plays are presented, and it provides an in-depth insight into British literary culture. You can also try a London Eye ride that offers stunning city views. As for the London Dungeons tour, it gives visitors an opportunity to live in dramas of horrific historical events, but with a comic frame and actors.

Harrods – the dream of shopping lovers

The famous Harrods Market is one of the most famous and famous stores in London, and the ideal place for an unparalleled shopping experience.
As for the football fans, they have the opportunity to visit Wembley Stadium, the official stadium of the English national football team, in addition to the rounds in the clubs of London clubs that compete in the English Premier League, such as Chelsea and Arsenal.

Stonehenge – Prehistoric Monuments

If you want to enjoy a classic English picnic outside the city, Stonehenge’s pre-historic, mysterious location is your destination, as well as nearby cities such as Bath, Oxford and Cambridge. Bath is famous for the beauty of its buildings from the Georgian era, its castles and hot springs, while Oxford and Cambridge highlight the charm and beauty of the ancient world with its historical monuments. In the beautiful British countryside, visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, and the Cotswolds countryside.

London by night – one of the best nightlife in the world

HolidayMe recommends visiting “Galvin at Windows”, “10 Creek Street”, “Maggie Jones”, “Mint Leaf”, “Proud Camden”, “Minestry of Sound”, “Corsica Studios”, “Heaven” and “Fabric” And “Proud Cabaret City”. For those who love shopping, London offers a wide range of luxury brands, in the streets of Oxford, Regent, Charing Cross, Bond and Borough Market.
London is a classic summer destination in Europe with a world wide reputation thanks to its hospitality, its distinctive museums, its historical and cultural heritage, its family tourist destinations, its prestigious restaurants and its prestigious shopping centers. Quickly book a plane ticket, hotel room and sightseeing tours for an amazing vacation in London. At the same time, she recalls that France is a great summer destination in 2016 because of its hosting of the French Open tennis championship and the European Football Cup.
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