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World Towers

The towers, or so-called skyscrapers, are tall buildings with a height of approximately 150 meters. These towers are distinguished by their distinctive modern architecture and their buildings are used in many areas of life, as they contain hotels, clubs, mega stores, and companies And offices, and in our article we will get to know the most important and most famous constellations in the world, and learn about their locations, and an overview of each constellation.

The world’s best towers

  • Burj Khalifa: This tower is located in Dubai, and it was built in 2004 AD, and its length is approximately 830 meters, and it is located in a commercial complex in the city center, and it is the tallest tower in the world man-made, and it consists of 160 floors, where there are four floors of fitness and recreation centers, and a garden, And 144 residences, a hotel consisting of 160 rooms and 37 floors of offices, and the cost of building it reached 1.5 billion US dollars, and the project has worked on more than 12,000 employees, and more than 30 contracting companies.
  • Shanghai Tower: It is located in China, with a length of about 632 meters. It ranks second in the ranking of the tallest tower in the world. It was built in 2008 AD and it is made up of 125 floors.
  • House towers: It is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and it contains the Fairmont Hotel, which is a five-star category, in addition to shopping centers, offices and hotels.
  • One World Trade Center: It is located in the United States of America, and its length is approximately 541 meters, and it contains many offices, shops and an extensive network of communications.
  • Taby Tower: It is located in the Chennai area, with a length of approximately 509 meters. It is known as the tallest green building in the world. In the year 2011 CE, it obtained a LEED certificate for green buildings, and it has the fastest elevators in the world, reaching a speed of 1010 meters per minute, where Visitors can be taken to the 89th floor in approximately 39 seconds.
  • Shanghai World Financial Center: It is located in China, and it is considered one of the tallest buildings in China, and its length is approximately 492 meters. It was built in the period of 1997 AD and 2008 AD, at a cost of $ 1.2 billion, and there are many rounds that it received due to its design and structure.
  • International Commerce Center: It is located in Hong Kong, and its length is approximately 484 meters. It was opened in the year 2011 AD and contains 118 floors.
  • Petronas Towers: It is located in Malaysia, specifically in Kuala Lumpur, and has a length of approximately 452 meters, and is considered a place to attract tourists.

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