Turkey has a picturesque nature that pushes it to be an ideal tourist destination for visitors, as it is a link between Asia and Europe, as well as overlooks the Mediterranean and the Sea of ​​Marmara. Which swept an important place in tourism?

Yalova City

It is a city and capital of Yalova Province, located near the southeastern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara that surrounds northwestern Turkey, and this city is a hundred and seventy-five kilometers from Istanbul, which is located on the northern side opposite the Sameli Mountains.

Biloa from the east surrounds the city of Kogi Eli, the city of Bursa and Lake Kamlik from the south and from the west and north the Sea of ​​Marmara, and its coastline extends for a distance of ten kilometers, and the importance of the city increases as it is a land and sea bridge linking Istanbul to Izmir and Bursa.

History of the city of Yalova

The city has a distinguished geographical location and this made it an important and attractive point for settlement, as excavations indicated the existence of many monuments dating back to before the era of the Romens, especially during the era of the Romens, and the Byzantine Empire took control of them, then the Ottomans came and liberated them in 1303, and during the era of the modern Turkish state. Yelova occupied an important position, after the founder of Turkey, President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, inhabited it, linking it with the city of Istanbul to enhance its position in the state.

The most important landmarks of the city of Yalova

These are the most important landmarks of the city of Yalova:

Ataturk palaces

Most of the palaces in Yalova dates back to 1929, when this president ordered the construction of many palaces, which were later converted into museums and institutes, the most prominent of which is the Kemal Ataturk Palace Museum, and it is one of the oldest palaces built in the era of the proclamation of the Republic.

There is also the moving palace, which sits on the edge of the sea in the Millelt farm, which is built of wooden panels and consists of two floors, and the Termal Palace, which is one of the most loved palaces of Ataturk because of the purity of the Termal water and its picturesque nature.

Romen and Byzantine monuments

The most important of them are the Juban Kale Fort, the vestibule, the Nazar Café, the Black Church, and the Bath of the Mother, and this was named after the mother of Sultan Abdul Majid II who was referring to him for treatment.

Cinarcik Coast

This coast is characterized by the many sandy beaches and recreational centers, as it is an important destination for tourists, in addition to other beaches near it, such as the beach, Asen Koy and Armutlu.

Other parameters

  • Rustem Pasha Mosque: It was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire and still occupies a place that Muslims intend to worship.
  • Hercekzadeh Ahmed Pasha complex: Its building dates back to the sixteenth century in the Tuna Ufa region, and it includes public facilities such as bathrooms, water tank and mosque.

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